To the outsider, Congress looks like an organized crime syndication of evil people, serving other evil people, and Americans appear as a helpless audience. (politics)

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I wonder at what point Americans will get fed up and lose their minds? America is a powder keg of explosive citizen vs government violence just waiting to happen.

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Oh it's getting there..

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once the TV is off and there is a decentralized social media platform that people use.

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They don't do a fucking thing for the people, they are all bought and paid for or bribed because they were filmed fucking a little boy or little girl..

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This is why warriors not wimps should lead a country

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Those outsiders have some good vision.

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(((evil people)))

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Looks the same from the inside

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sounds accurate

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As an average American like me, that is how it looks.

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Its an international crime syndicate.

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It IS, the only law is the law of force. If another crime syndicate had the monopoly on force we would be obeying their rules and calling it "justice".

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More like corporate and Jewish appointed stooges... Thats all congress really is. And are they not so happy right now.. No one is looking at them while they bankrupt the country.. Everybody is looking at the nfl, antifa, faggot issues etc.. While these fucking criminals keep getting reflected at a 98 percent clip!

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Looks like?