Dear Google:

Pay the money you owe us for damages or be put out of business by the largest federal and private criminal investigation (currently already underway) in history!

As usual, Google, you laugh at such assertions because you bought a President, an FBI boss, an Attorney General and own most of the lobbyists in Washington and most of the Government in California...BUT...

...Larry Page, Sergy Brin, David Drummond, Eric Schimdt, Anne Wojcicki, Ruth Porat, Jared Cohen, John Doerr and the rest of your creepy Google/YouTube/Alphabet mobsters: you have nothing to worry about if you did not:

- Bribe any politicians
- Run hit-jobs on anybody
- Use taxpayer-paid-for intelligence resources for profiteering
- Rig the stock market
- Operate an anti-trust violating monopoly
- Lie to the public
- Run sex trafficking operations for your executives and owners
- Operate the largest violation of citizen privacy in global history
- Manipulation global server farms in order to harm billions of citizens and business owners
- Have Rajeev Motwani and those other guys killed with poisons and electro-cardiac stun guns
- Rape and sextort your interns
- Steal most of your technology from small business start-ups
- and/or engage in those hundreds of other charges of sick, warped, delusional billionaire oligarchy...

We saw you do those things! So we know you are guilty! We have the hard evidence and we have already started distributing it to the FBI, OSC, FTC, Congress and the world!

Pay up or watch Google die a slow, awful painful, highly public demise!


The people you maliciously and intentionally screwed