Democrats push to ban archery in schools because it could lead to Alt-Right Robin Hoods

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) - One New York lawmaker wants to put a stop to archery programs in schools. 

Manhattan Democrat Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal says they promote "gun culture."

She says she introduced the bill to ban such programs in the state after it was revealed that the Parkland Shooting suspect honed his shooting skills in a marksmanship program at the very school he's accused of killing 17 people. 

Supports of the program say they foster concentration, patience, and self-disciple - all attributes that carry over to the classroom.

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I heard they plan on making "defense against the dark arts" a textbook only course.

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This is bullshit! I've been trained by my state's conservation department to teach this in the schools, and it is a fantastic program. It actually teaches all the things that kids need-concentration, physical strength, mental fortitude, patience, perseverance. All the life skills they no longer get in the classroom.

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well with all the drive by arrows to the knee it is about fuckin time

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Arrows are anti-Semitic, goys.

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That lady is a fucking moron. Everyone knows that you hone your accuracy skills in counterstrike