[–] hang_em_high 15 points (+15|-0)  ago 

The only reason to not use a paper ballot and require voter ID is corruption and voter fraud.

[–] EndTheFed2 6 points (+7|-1)  ago 

Then shitheads like Debbie Wasserman just throw away paper ballots voting Republican... Nothing is done..

[–] SpeshulSnowflaek 6 points (+7|-1)  ago 

I think the solution might be a combination. Maybe block chain, publically available and verifiable verification of paper ballots

[–] Wargasm 3 points (+4|-1)  ago 

No system is perfect, however it is much more difficult, from man power, logistics, and coordination perspectives, to fabricate millions of fake paper votes than electronic votes in any election.

[–] RugerLCP_2 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

still more difficult to rig paper ballot than electric

[–] Wargasm 4 points (+4|-0)  ago 

Thank god.

I hope this gains support.

[–] lissencarak 3 points (+5|-2)  ago 

that sounds anti-semitic

[–] dellcos 1 points (+2|-1)  ago 

Next thing we know they'll be attacking the 1% again!!!

[–] CheeseboogersGhost -1 points (+1|-2)  ago 

oy vey I wonda who made and owns these machines?

[–] HeavyBrain 2 points (+2|-0)  ago 

Bu but just like voter ID that would be racist..somehow..because reasons.

[–] basedmangod2015 2 points (+2|-0)  ago 

im on board

[–] kammmmak 2 points (+2|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

We'd see just how bad dem support Really is. But alas..illegals, multi voting and the dead to the rescue.

[–] basedmangod2015 0 points (+1|-1)  ago 

except none of these things actually happen..

[–] Deplorable_Me 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

How about banning dead people from voting Democrat?

[–] burns29 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

We have to stop those Russian hackers!

[–] meowmix56 0 points (+1|-1)  ago 

It'd be a step in the right direction certainly. But don't get your hopes up and make a bigger deal out of this than it is. Even when paper ballots are used they are counted by machine, these machines are just as insecure and have just as little oversight as electronic voting machines. Making them a prime target for any number of exploits. Many of them are older or provided by soros backed firms. In theory paper ballots at least give you the option of a manual recount but recent events have shown just how easy it is to destroy them with no repercussions. It just gets swept out of the torrent of news with nothing but impotent outrage by voters.

Ideally I'd like a system where verified american citizens can vote electronically on open source and thoroughly audited machines, print a paper receipt where they keep one copy and the state keeps another, it is all recorded in blockchain, and each citizen has a method to go online and check that their vote has been recorded correctly. However it can't happen unless we make it a priority as a nation and certain parties have too much to lose if they risk a fair and verifiable election to let it.

[–] Oh_Well_ian 0 points (+1|-1)  ago 

Funny how the push to end all paper ballots came out of Florida when JEB! was Governor and his faggot traitor brother was President...

I'm sure that is just a coincidence.