Google, Facebook And Twitter Hire Thousands Of Scumbags To Bribe Politicians And Trick Congress

By Johans Loots

Google, Facebook And Twitter have over 9000 individuals on their payroll who are lobbyists and corrupt lawyers. The entire responsibility of these W2 and 1099 staffers is to covertly relay cash and intangible assets to politicians and agency heads while also producing "white papers" designed to trick Congress into manipulating laws that ONLY benefit Google, Facebook And Twitter.

To understand this, you need to watch the feature film called: Miss Sloane, starring Jessica Chastain. Consider the most heinous tactics used by the main characters in that film, multiply those by ten, and you have the exact vision of the game-plan deployed daily by these tech oligarchs.

For example, Google, Facebook And Twitter thieved much of their technology from small inventors. To avoid paying for the patents they stole, they simply manipulated the U.S. Patent office rules so that small inventors in America were essentially stripped of all rights.

The staff of these companies are not just "influencing", they are paying bribes to public officials. They are enacting crimes.


- This is about a group of tech oligarchs, and their corrupt Senators, who commit crimes in order to manipulate over a trillion tax dollars (YOUR MONEY) into their, and their friends pockets.

- They are felons yet they control some of the offices of the agencies who are supposed to arrest them. Silicon Valley bought K Street and U.S. Senators, gave them more Dark Money than history has ever seen and then had giant tech-law firms bribe, hit-job and blockade any attempts to solve the problem.

- Some of the largest bribes in American history were paid via billions of dollars of pre-IPO cleantech stock, insider trading, real estate, Google search engine rigging and shadow-banning, sex workers, revolving door jobs, nepotism, state-supported black-listing of competitors and under-the-table cash. Why are these Silicon Valley Oligarchs and their K-Street law firms and lobbyists immune from the law?

U.S. Senators, Agency Heads and Congress are bribed with: Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures stock and stock warrants which is never reported to the FEC; Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures search engine rigging and shadow-banning which is never reported to the FEC; Free rent; Male and female prostitutes; Cars; Dinners; Party Financing; Sports Event Tickets; Political campaign printing and mailing services "Donations"; Secret PAC Financing; Jobs in Corporations in Silicon Valley For The Family Members of Those Who Take Bribes And Those Who Take Bribes; "Consulting" contracts from McKinsey as fronted pay-off gigs; Overpriced "Speaking Engagements" which are really just pay-offs conduited for donors; Private jet rides and use of Government fuel depots (ie: Google handed out NASA jet fuel to staff); Real Estate; Fake mortgages; The use of Cayman, Boca Des Tores, Swiss and related money-laundering accounts; The use of HSBC, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Deustche Bank money laundering accounts and covert stock accounts; Free spam and bulk mailing services owned by Silicon Valley corporations; Use of high tech law firms such as Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini, MoFo, Covington & Burling, etc. to conduit bribes to officials; and other means now documented by us, The FBI, the FTC, The SEC, The FEC and journalists.


David Brock’s Media Matters gave a $930,000 cash grant to David Brock’s Franklin Education Forum

David Brock’s Franklin Education Forum credited the Bonner Group for raising those funds, triggering the 12.5% commission

David Brock paid the Bonner Group a $124,250 commission to solicit a cash grant … from himself!


After the Franklin Education Forum retained $869,750, they sent a $816,224 cash grant to David Brock’s The Franklin Forum:


Note: The ‘Franklin Education Forum’ is a 501(c)3, and ‘The Franklin Forum’ is a 501(c)4. They are not the same company.

Since The Franklin Forum 501(c)4 paid Bonner a commission in 2013, it’s safe to assume fundraiser received a $102,028 commission in 2014. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell for sure. They still haven’t filed their taxes for 2014!

Say, for example, you donate $1,062,857 to Media Matters for America.   This is how David Brock would have used your charitable donation in 2014:

In the end, Brock’s solicitor would have pocketed $350,825, almost a third of your initial donation! That’s a far cry from the advertised 12.5% commission.

As bizarre as that scenario may sound, this is exactly what David Brock did in 2014.


David Brock is the Chairman for each of these organizations!  How could he not know what’s going on?

He’s a hands-on Chairman.  According to their tax returns, Brock allocates time, weekly, to his organizations:

Furthermore, the New York Times reports that David Brock shares a summer rental in the Hamptons with Mary Pat Bonner, the President of the Bonner Group!

David Brock will have a hard time claiming ignorance on this.  These transfers are intentional.  He vacations with his solicitor.  Case closed.


David Brock didn’t even bother to give his organizations different phone numbers.  They all share the same phone number!


We even located the Bonner Group’s solicitation agreement with Media Matters on Florida’s Gift Givers’ Guide.  Clarification on their commission can be found on page 2:

In English:  Contractually, David Brock has the option to exclude certain contributions from triggering the commission.  In spite of this option, he intentionally chooses to trigger the 12.5% commission for money grants between his organizations.

Note: Yes, we are making the assumption that all of Brock’s organizations have the same solicitation agreement with the Bonner Group.  Given that his organizations share the same address, board members, and telephone number, we feel it’s safe to assume they also share the same solicitation agreement.

Utilizing public facing tax returns, along with records submitted to the FEC, we mapped out all the significant money transfers from 2014 that took place in Brock’s office:

This is all from just one year! 

I have been asking myself lately; how were there so many corrupt people in the Obama Administration?  The only answer I can come up with is that Barack Obama himself was a very corrupt person.  Who else would have had so many corrupt people that he chose or tolerated in his Administration.

Do you remember Lois Lerner from the IRS and Barack Obama asking her to go after his political rivals using the most feared government agencies, the IRS. The last place you want to be is between the government and your money.

Obama Attorney General Eric Holder who was found in Contempt of Congress for lying to Congress and looking the other way on every illegal act Obama or someone in his administration perpetrated.

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, earned his spot among Obama’s corrupt appointees thanks to his admitted role in the “green energy” scams, specifically the Solyndra scandal in which the Obama gave more than $500 million to a failed company and one of its key investors, Obama backer George Kaiser.

Do not forget Obama’s corrupt cabinet appointee Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. According to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, she was guilty of violating the Hatch Act by campaigning for the president in her official capacity. Violators of this act are normally fired, but Obama would not allow his AG Eric Holder to do any such thing. So Sibelius got off without punishment after claiming she said she "...  got a little caught up in the notion that the gains which had been made would clearly not continue without the president’s reelection..."

I am not even going into the details of the corrupt John Brennan former CIA Director and James Clapper Director of National Intelligence.

And let us not forget about the most corrupt person Obama appointed and that was Hillary Clinton.

After thinking about all of the people above how could we not think Obama himself was the Godfather of this mob?

Now let us add another and that is James Comey, former disgraced FBI Director.  Politico is reporting that on Friday night the FBI released a two-page summary former disgraced FBI Director James Comey used to brief then President-elect Donald Trump on the “dossier” about Trump’s ties to Russia. ( )

The document, asserts that Christopher Steele, the person who compiled the dossier, was working “on behalf of private clients” in his investigation of Trump’s possible ties to Russia.  Comey was not honest to the court because Steele was actually working for the DNC and Clinton campaign. Comey also did not inform the court or President-Elect Trump Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party paid the Russian government via Steele and Fusion GPS for the opposition research document.  Why didn’t Comey inform the court or President-Elect Trump that the information came from the Russian government: because then he would be admitting that the true collusion was between Hillary, the Democratic Party and Russia.

No matter which political party corruption is found in we must drain the swamp of all these corrupt people and prosecute them if we actually want to improve the political climate in the United States.

The key suspects under investigation for the crimes, attacks on the public and manipulation of Democracy include:

Amy Pascal; Bill Daley; Bill Lockyer; Brian Goncher; Daniel Cohen; David Axelrod; David Drummond; David Plouffe; David E. Shaw; Dianne Feinstein; Elon Musk; Eric Holder; Eric Schmidt; John Zaccarro, Jr.; Frank Giustra; Nick Denton; Harry Reid; Haim Saban; Hillary and Bill Clinton; Ira Ehrenpreis; Jay Carney; James Comey; Jared Cohen; Jeffrey Katzenberg; John Doerr; Harvey Weinstein; Yasmin Green; Jonathan Silver; Ken Brody; Lachlan Seward; Judge Stewart M. Bernstein; Larry Page; Google; Alphabet; YouTube; Facebook; In-Q-Tel; Amazon; Twitter; WordPress.Org; The Law Firm of Perkins Coi; Mark Zuckerberg; Martin LaGod; Matt Rogers; Marc Benioff; Michael Birch; S. Donald Sussman; Pierre Omidyar; Rahm Emanual; Raj Gupta; Ray Lane; Tom Perkins; Robert Rubin; Rob Friedman; Reid Hoffman; Richard Blum; Robert Gibbs; Robert Shwarts; Roger Altman; The Law Firm of Covington and Burling; Sanford Robertson; Steve Jurvetson; Steve Rattner; Steve Westly; Steven Chu; Steve Spinner; Susie Tompkins Buell; George Soros; Warren Buffet; Tom Steyer; The Clinton Foundation, Tim Draper; Valarie Jarrett; Jeffrey Epstein; Vinod Khosla; Michelle Lee; The law firm of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosatti; Lawrence Summers; Marc Andreessen Sheryl Sandberg; Yuri Milner; Fenwick & West LLP; James W. Breyer; McBee Strategic; Mike Sheehy; Nancy Pelosi; Gilman Louie; Thomas J. Kim; Ping Li; Greylock Capital, Accel Partners; Jim Swartz; Bank Menatep; Alisher Asmanov; Marc L. Andreessen; Peter Thiel; Clarion Capital; Richard Wolpert; Robert Ketterson; David Kilpatrick; Tesla Motors; Solyndra; BrightSource; IDG Capital Partners; Goldman Sachs; Morgan Stanley; State Street Corporation; JP Morgan Chase; Lloyd Blankfein; Jamie Dimon; Steve Cutler; Rodgin Cohen; Sullivan Cromwell, LLP; Jeff Markey; Steve McBee; Michael F. McGowan; Toni Townes-Whitley; CGI Federal; Todd Y. Park;  Frank M. Sands, Sr.; Robin Yangong Li; Parker Zhang; Jonathan Goodman; Gawker Media; Jalopnik; Adrian Covert, John Herrman; Gizmodo Media; K2 Intelligence; WikiStrat; Podesta Group; Fusion GPS; Think Progress; Media Matters; Black Cube; Debbie Wasserman, The DNC Executive Committee; Correct The Record; Stratfor; ShareBlue; Sid Blumenthal; David Brock; Barack Obama; Sen. Robert Menendez; Jerry Brown; Ken Alex; Susan Rice; Kamala Harris; Bruce Ohr; Nellie Ohr; and other names to be identified in court...

These parties appear to have exploited taxpayer government resources to line their pockets at tax payer expense as proven by finance reports, FEC filings, Congressional studies, Panama Papers, espionage journalism, state election reporting forms, Goldman Sachs and ICIJ Swiss Leaks documents and journalists, on-staff whistle-blowers, covert accounts revelations, forensic audits, Congressional action comparison charts and other evidence. Connected on XKEYSCORE, FBI, Palantir, Linkedin and other investigative databases. Confirmed in cross-over financial dealings and transfers. Sourced as beneficiaries and financiers of the activities.

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