Average Americans have gotten involved in domestic politics with a new kind of hands-on approach.

These are the marching orders for a typical political intervention action:

The Current Take-Down List Of Criminal Suspects in the Silicon Valley Mafia Case

Update: 3-doj7-potu-c

The following parties have been forensically tracked to illicit campaign financing, hacking, bribes, political payola, stock-market rigging, slush-funds, false-front shell corporations and family trusts, abuse of corporate funds, advertising metrics frauds, RICO statute violation organized crime, employee abuse, electronic communications intended to evade law enforcement and other charges. In Palantir, XKeyScore and law enforcement databases they are all cross-linked. Terminations and interdictions for each party and their illicit actions have been continuing successfully. The termination of this network of parties will, effectively, terminate The Cartel in question. Each and every legal take-down has now passed the 50% vector and is proceeding to completion.

Targeted For 100% Legal Termination Via 100% Legal Use Of The Following Methods And Tactics:

- Dossier Production With Detailed Examination Of Illicit Deeds
- Doxing
- Public Surveillance
Law Enforcement Arrest And/Or Citizens Arrest
- Lawsuit Filings For R
ICO Racketeering, Fraud, Interference, FEC Violations, Securities Law Violations, etc.
- Public Peer-to-Peer Online Collaborative Forensic Investigation
- Direct Public Confrontation Of The Facts At Their Public Speaking Events
- Billboard And Poster Exposure of Their Crimes And Illicit Deeds
- Complaint Filings With All State and Federal Agencies
Exposure of Illicit Sexual Groups, Cults, Organizations And Prostitution Activities
- Business Termination Via Disclosure Of Tax, Sex, Evasion, Expense, Abuse Matters
- Demands For The Appearance At Public Investigation Committees
- Disclosure Of All Covert And Illicit Insider Trading Accounts, Trusts and Shell Corps

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