The 'Hollywood Of Hanoi Jane': 'In Most Countries, Traitors Are Executed - In America, They Join The Democratic Party'

- The 'Resistance' Wants To Return America To The Disaster That Was Barack Obama


By John Velisek - Ret, US Navy - All News Pipeline

The progressive socialist party, commonly called the Democrats, are firmly in the "win at all costs" mode that will lead to even more violence and demagoguery. With even our sitting politicians calling for harassing our elected officials and Trump supporters, there will be confrontations so prevalent that they become commonplace. This is what the leftists want, and they are demanding that all follow the agenda that they want to put in place. Brett Kavanaugh is just the first, and if put in a position of power in the midterms, the power they wield will damage the fabric of this country and its' citizens. 

The damage being done to this country can be summed up in the people from the past that continue to plague us to this day. 

One of those people is "Hanoi" Jane Fonda. A woman who has moved on from the damage she has done to this country. A woman who called for the execution of American soldiers during Vietnam. The progressive socialists continue to speak of caring for our active duty men and women and to be so concerned about the veterans that to this day suffer every day from the actions they were asked to perform for our country. The 'pretending to care' of our socialists in government they show to the American people is a farce, and no one epitomizes that lie more than Hanoi Jane.


In full disclosure, I was a member of our American fighting force during that time and many of my friends never came back from that hell hole called Vietnam. Hanoi Jane caused immeasurable damage to the morale of our American fighting forces. Now 80, Hanoi Jane said lately that she was thoughtless to sit at that antiaircraft battery in 1972, an anti-aircraft battery that had been used and continued to be used to kill Americans. 

In true progressive socialist fashion and following the directions of Saul Alinsky the apology comes now when Hanoi Jane hopes the American citizens have forgotten when she called for the execution of our fighting men. The American people have not forgotten that you were one of the catalysts used in turning Vietnam into a conflict that the American people were forced to consider a mistake and turn our soldiers into monsters upon their return. That is the legacy that you have given to us who served. 

Having been in the spotlight for her activism over the years, and now that a new movie is coming out, she wants a larger audience and so an apology that no one but her Hollywood honchos is willing to believe is required.

It was at the Television Critics Association Summer Press tour that Hanoi Jane attempted to reconstruct the meaning of her actions in Vietnam. It was then that she claimed that until 1972, and her ability to denigrate our country and our fighting men that she really had no purpose in life. As an anti-Vietnam activist, she really knew very little about the war, why we were there, and why our men were so willing to fight. 


Stating that our government had lied to us and supposedly wanting to expose the lies, Hanoi Jane embarked on a mission that was in no small part nothing more than the rantings of a little child with the intention of tearing at the social fabric of a country she had shown she despised.

Still using her time in Vietnam as a progressive socialist tool, and undermining her apology, was her performance at the acceptance of a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the Traverse City Film Festival. Socialist propagandist Micheal Moore was more than willing to speak of the courage and candor of Hanoi Jane. All the progressive socialists at the festival lapped up the new HBO show about her, fawning over her anti-war activism. The uninformed liberals that were there were proud of what Hanoi Jane had done in the anti-war movement in the early 70's. 

They must have been proud of Hanoi Jane calling the returning soldiers liars and traitors for telling of the torture and murders in captivity, but of course, that will not be in the documentary about her life. The documentary will be a sanitized version of her life, not showing her calling American troops baby killers, or learn of the irreparable harm she has caused to our fellow citizens. It will not show the propaganda that she initiated on Radio Hanoi calling our military men and women "war criminals" or how this damaged the psyche our soldiers and citizens. 


Does she remember talking of our soldiers on July 30, 1972, and saying:

"They believed in the Army, but when they were here when they discovered that their officers were incompetent, usually drunk when they discovered that the Vietnamese people have a fight that they believed in, that the Vietnamese people were fighting for much the same reason that we fought the beginning of our country. Or in the same speech where he claims the women in the military are told by the company psychiatrist that they are there to "service" the men.

Or how about upon the return of the POW's and it was Hanoi Jane leading the way in lying about their treatment. AT UCLA Fonda claimed "We have no reason to believe they tell the truth. They are professional killers. She told the New York Times that it was an orchestrated lie and that there was no torture."

It will not show this woman claiming that our loss that she helped to bring about would be redemption for our country. Redemption for what? She never says. And it will not show her saying "the communist victory symbolizes hope for the planet" as she most surely did. 


Her latest foray into progressive socialist activism is, of course, President Donald Trump. She is very proud of the "Resistance" and the low information socialists and Antifa and anyone else who will take to the streets to protest. She is proud of those who set fires to cars, destroy businesses, of those whose only purpose is to damage our way of life. Nothing is said about the hard working people of this country who own those stores and businesses; they are inconsequential in the agenda that Hanoi Jane has followed in her lifetime. 

Hanoi Jane can find solace in her friends, people like Chelsea Handler, Lily Tomlin and the other celebrities who bark about our country and the failures they perceive with the citizens. The premise is that the celebrities of Hollywood and their talking heads in the media are more important than the citizens who elected our President and we need to comply with Hollywood's demands. 

The Hollywood socialists led by Hanoi Jane do not understand that the majority of Americans do not care about the opinions that they proclaim from on high to the masses. It is of no importance to them. Because of the over-inflated egos that permeate Hollywood, the celebrities are of one opinion and that is that President Trump must go so that we can return to the disaster that was Obama. It is heartening that there is no need to listen to them for that vast majority of American because their opinion doesn't matter.

Several months ago, the very night the Stormy Daniels story broke, I appeared on Don Lemon’s show on CNN. The producer told the guests a few minutes before we went on air that Lemon wanted our reaction to the Daniels allegations. The first guest said something trite about how “she may be doing this to call attention to herself, but we have to treat these charges against Trump very seriously.” Next, Lemon turned to me for my reaction. I really had no opinion about this story, so I just blurted out the first thing that popped into my head: “Gee, Don, who would have ever thought a stripper would want to call attention to herself?”

Now, if you are a normal person, you probably at least laugh a little or smile about that line. But the video went viral on YouTube because the other three guests, all liberals, and Lemon sat stone faced when I said that. They didn’t crack even the slightest hint of a smile. There was just a long awkward silence until I finally said, “Hello, that’s a joke.”


The point of this story is that liberals just don’t have a sense of humor anymore. The rage that the left feels now about President Trump, tax cuts, conservatives, Brett Kavanaugh and more has become so all consuming that it has made many liberals miserable to be around.

Consider the statement by Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), who lashed out last week at her Republican colleagues regarding the sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh: “Guess who is perpetrating all of these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country. I just want to say to the men in this country: Just shut up and step up.” It’s not just that she said it, but she now wears this nastiness as a badge of honor. She even received a standing ovation in the Capitol the other day from abortion activists.

Similarly, the ugly incident when White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant weeks ago wasn’t an aberration. Liberals are so filled with a sense of moral superiority and rage that they literally don’t want to sit in the same dining room with us.

Last week, I gave a talk at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley to some 250 technology executives and the venture capitalists who fund them. I asked at the start of my speech how many of them have a positive opinion of Trump. Now, mind you, if any group has been transformed into gazillionaires because of Trump policies, it was this crowd. Out of the 250 attendees, about three people dared to raise their hands. I knew that liberalism is transcendent in the Bay Area, but I didn’t realize groupthink was this lopsided.

After the speech, about 20 to 30 of the attendees came up and said they enjoyed my talk. Several whispered that they really like what Trump is doing. Huh? Why didn’t they raise their hands? The answers: “I have clients here and I will lose them if they know I support Trump;" "I will be ostracized if my friends know my real feelings;" "I didn’t want to get into an argument with people;” and so on.

The sad irony is that it is liberals who are running the sanctimonious and moralistic crusades to end bullying in America. Yet, apparently, there are just some views that aren’t worth tolerating. A conservative friend of mine always uses a line about liberals hating Trump more than they love America. It would be one thing to hate Trump if his policies were failing, as liberals unanimously believed would happen. But, lo, we now are nearing the end of 2018 as one of the most prosperous periods in modern times, and that has only further infuriated Trump haters. 

Perhaps it is just human nature to hate the one who keeps proving you wrong. Some are like comedian and talk show host Bill Maher, who admits he wants millions of Americans to lose their jobs, so that we can get rid of Trump. Yes, that’s just what this country needs now, a little more misery.

The economic boom is now palpable to nearly all Americans. It transcends spin. Polls are showing that Trump is unpopular, but Americans are upbeat about the economy. Consumers are spending like there’s no tomorrow. That is what is so disconcerting about liberal rage. They are bitterly unhappy at the very moment that the American economy is as prosperous as at anytime in modern history, and when median family incomes just hit an all time high, when black and Hispanic unemployment have hit record lows. What’s so bad about feeling good?

What a difference a generation makes. It used to be conservatives who were the stuffy ones. Liberals were the fun ones to be around. Now the ones who are so uptight are the liberals like actor Jeff Bridges, who once was funny but now is so embarrassed by modern day America that he seems to want to be anywhere on this planet, except here. OK, then, just go! Liberals are making it clearer with each passing day that they don’t want to associate with conservatives any longer. As a conservative, I hate to say it, but more and more the feeling is mutual.