Obama Spent Thirty Million Dollars, Per Person, Trying To Destroy The Lives Of Taxpaying Citizens Who Questioned His White House

By ProPublica Writers Group

We spoke with numerous U.S. citizens in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and a host of other major American cities, who had hit-jobs put on them by Barack Obama and his Administration.

The pattern was the same in each case: A taxpayer would file a formal compliant about a criminally corrupt incident undertaken by Obama’s senior staff. No official action would be taken on the complaint but suddenly a series of state-sponsored attacks would happen to each of the taxpayers who reported the incident.

Our investigation sourced hard evidence proving that every victim did, indeed, file a complaint with formal authorities. We found that every agency, under the Obama Administration, took no significant action on these complaints. We found that the series of attacks on each victim did begin immediately after each complaint was filed and that the compensation paid to the operators of 98% of those attacks came from White House financiers of the Obama Administration or, through circuitous routes, from the White House itself.

Why would Obama have turned out to be such a vindictive bully?

In hindsight, it seems that Obama’s presidency was always hanging by a thread of cover-ups. Silicon Valley, Chicago politi-mobsters and main stream news cartels controlled by the DNC had rigged Obama into office based on epic promises of crony payola kick-backs. As Obama’s Solyndra and Afghan profiteering schemes blew up along with his Russian billionaire mining schemes and the Podesta-Wasserman madness, the whole Obama White House realized they could all disappear in one big Watergate-class revelation at any moment. As has now been revealed in other news stories, Obama has been caught following Joe Rhodes advice to engage in the allowance of drug deals and other criminal Middle East activities in order to gain momentary “agreements” on Iran and Syria at the cost of decades-long corruption which followed.

Attorney General Eric Holder was in charge of running cover-ups for Obama and he could barely keep his head above water. Voted the “most corrupt Attorney General in U.S. History” and being the recipient of the biggest Contempt of Congress indictment had put him on the hot seat.

This put Obama in a daily state of fear of being exposed for running a sham Presidency created exclusively to kick cash back to Chicago and Silicon Valley Cartels.

Obama created and ballooned the Washington DC Hit Job Culture of vendetta, Omerta, reprisal, retribution and revenge into the dirtiest business in town.

Thanks to Obama and his friends the services that kill people, or destroy their lives for The White House, have been exposed. They include Fusion GPS, Stratfor, In-Q-Tel, Gawker, David Brock Group, Podesta Group, Black Cube, Wilson Sonsini, Perkins Coie, Think Progress, New America Foundation, Covington and Burling, Media Matters, Mossad, GCQH, and over 40 other entities who broke the laws and the limits of morality in pure revenge operations.

Even Obama’s FBI has now been exposed running cover-ups and attacks on the public.

What did these attacks consist of?

The following incidents are common across the case files of all of the citizen-victims:

- Bribery of contracting officers and agents to damage competitors and only award government contracts, tax waivers, loans and grants to victims competitors while defunding the victims government contracts.

- Internet server manipulation and website spoofing. Manipulation of DNC-controlled PayPal online payment transaction systems to cut off competitors revenue.

- Job database manipulation and slander on Taleo, Axciom and other HR databases to cut off employment options for competitors or witnesses

- Hacking of victims devices

- Theft of patent materials and government financed flooding of the market to kill victims revenue opportunities.

- Threats and possible murders of whistle-blowers

- Ordering crony's and allies to black-list victims in The National Venture Capitol Association and banking groups in order to prevent their further funding.

- Bribery of public officials to direct funds and contracts to victims competitors (which those public officials owned) and away from victims competing products

- Production of media character assassination campaigns in New York Times, Gawker and Gizmodo Media and Media Matters.

- Embezzlement of taxpayer dollars and crony cross-over deals to conduit that cash to Silicon Valley campaign financiers.

- Placement of sabotage moles, working for Obama, in victims companies to sabotage victims plans and report internal data to competitors

- DNC Honey traps on OKCupid, Seeking Arrangements, Tinder, Match.com and other dating sites.

- DNS re-routing, spoofing and search dead-ending of all internet connections of victims businesses.

- Deletions of all marketing of victims businesses on DNC-controlled Google, Facebook, and Juniper Networks and Cisco server devices.

- and much more...

In one case, the attackers contracted character assassination articles in the DNC’s Gawker Media tabloids and then called the HR office of the victims employer and said: "hey look at this, this guy works for you" and got them fired the same day without explanation. The attackers then posted negative links in all of the HR database services so the victim would have a hard time getting new work.

In other cases victims were exposed to toxic substances which killed some and permanently disabled others.

Fusion GPS, Stratfor, Sandline, Black Cube and such services quoted us an average fee of $30M to produce these attacks per individual. We pretended to be inquiring for a DNC affiliated entity. They were seemingly matter-of-fact about it.

It was just another job to them.

An “instruction manual” for some of the attacks is shown below. The victims experienced all of these tactics being used against them: