Our Request To The United States Government and Rick Perry At The U.S. Department of Energy:

This matter affects every voting citizen because, if we can't get justice in America, then no voter will believe they can either.

A handful of corrupt tech billionaires, and their corrupt Senators, are manipulating  public emotional triggers in order to steer, and money-launder, a trillion U.S. taxpayer dollars into their private bank accounts. Over 300 million American voters have said that the #1 issue with U.S. public policy is “CORRUPTION”. This issue is about that corruption.

Their “climate”, “immigrants”, “medical coverage” issues are fake controversies that they use to scam U.S. Treasury funds that have nothing to do with those ‘cover issues’. They use Google, Facebook, Twitter and the Main Stream Media, that they own, in order to pump up these fake controversies via fake news.  They use "Dark Money" fake charities, "Invisible Bridge" money laundering, crony stock market insider trading and pump-and-dump schemes, revolving door payola, prostitution bribes and other illicit corruption tricks.

We are fighting back and we have already taken out part of the “bad guys”, and their schemes, using 100% legal tactics and methodologies. Any member of the public can now accomplish these anti-corruption efforts using espionage journalism, private investigation methods, citizen sleuth websites, class-action lawsuits and personal mass public media distribution. We encourage the public to continue in their efforts to bankrupt every single corrupt party that abuses our Democracy.

In our matter, the U.S. Government, via the Obama White House and the U.S. Department of Energy intentionally defrauded us out of years of work and our life savings! Now they owe us some offsets! We are here to collect.

We could not understand how ‘public servants’ could do these kinds of crimes to, and with, our government while stealing our, and millions of other taxpayers, money out of our pockets. We set out to hunt down every single person, group and process that allowed these crimes to happen, document their crimes on permanent public record and then make it nearly impossible for them to ever do this to the public again.

We were tricked by false government promises into spending years of our lives and millions of dollars of our life savings. We, and our peers, were used as the “facade” of a “cover story” to operate a criminally illicit “Dark Money” operation against the American public. We swear, warrant and certify that we can prove every assertion in a public federal jury trial, Grand Jury hearing and/or televised Congressional hearing, given equitable credible legal resources and security protection.

Senior government officials had full knowledge of, and participated in, this criminal enterprise. They knew, from the start, that the state ad federal funding was covertly hard-wired, in advance, exclusively to their friends. They then attacked us with “Fusion GPS” , “Lois Lerner Targeting”, a tabloid character assassination program and worse things. They attacked us because we properly reported the crime to the FBI and Congress. They attacked us because we did "the right thing".

The cover-ups of this crime continue to this day. The failure of the U.S. Government to provide any 1.) apology, 2.) damages offset, 3.) justice, 4.) whistle-blower and informant fees; in this matter continues to this day. We are not anti-government. We are anti-corruption. In fact, top government officials are helping us in our quest.

For our first project, almost every taxpaying member of the public supported our past efforts and, in fact, provided us with a historically large number of purchasing letters of support which we hand-delivered to Congress. Nobody else was able to do that.

The non-crony major international news outlets, every major industrial publication, most of the non-crony members of the U.S. Congress, and every other non-crony public official confirmed that "Part Two" of our project was a “go”. After winning Congressional awards and fully delivering on our previous government contracts, federal officials asked us to invest our time and money in the federal government and do even more to create domestic jobs and new domestic technology opportunities.


...it turned out that all of the government “deciders” worked for and owned stock in our arch competitor. The government officials took the money they had promised to us and gave it to their friends, who are our competitors. They gave it to the least qualified party; who also happened to be their buddy and their campaign financiers. They also gave part of the taxpayer cash to some of their friends who immediately filed bankruptcy in order to make huge profits off of tax loss filings and stock market valuation “pumps” without ever having to create any jobs or ongoing product deliveries.

We were asked to pay bribes and we refused to pay bribes. We refused to be part of the Silicon Valley “Dark Money” crimes. We knew these people. We were invited to their parties and to their most intimate meetings. When we saw that they were running afoul of Democracy using corrupt schemes, illegal insider trading, sextortion, money laundering, tax evasion, bribes, prostitutes, Dark Money conduits, election rigging, internet manipulation and other crimes against the public; we said NO! 

Will the U.S. Government provide us with the justice we seek and the Constitution demands?

We have worked with exceptional FBI, GAO, SEC, CFTC, IG and Congressional staff in this matter and we wish to acknowledge their support. Many have seen the recent news head-lines about top-level law enforcement firings of corrupt law enforcement executives. Those were the right moves and we wish to confirm the fact that certain public officials continue to stall our justice. Treasury and GAO say that over 180 million taxpayer dollars have been spent on cover-ups, attacks and DOJ stalls against our request in order to avoid political embarrassment for the Obama Administration. They are no longer around and they SHOULD be embarrassed by their corruption! You can resolve our matter for dramatically less money than you are spending trying to cover it up!

We will not give up and we will fight to the end. Our Task Force of crime victims, journalists, bloggers, mass data scientists, intelligence specialists and voters is now using 100% legal means to terminate every single crook in this case until we get justice. We demand a resolution where our damages are paid for and the whistle-blower and informant fees we are owed are delivered.

The news articles and Congressional reports prove that this Silicon Valley Cartel regularly engages in crimes, sex abuse, illicit acts, a sociopath culture and law-breaking. Fact-based forensic data has now been published representing the work of tens of thousands of renown, award-winning journalists and researchers. They prove that what we are saying really did happen and it really is a criminal abuse of Democracy! The ICIJ, Snowden, Assange and Binney leaks prove the depth of the crimes. Hundreds of thousands of documents have now been placed on public record in the federal courts and P2P archives and those documents prove who engaged in these crimes and how they did it. The 60 Minutes episodes, The feature films: Dark Money; Too Big To Fail; Inside Job and the tens of thousands of broadcast news segments about this corruption all prove our assertions. The evidence is indisputable!

It is time for the public to take a stand against this kind of organized crime that is operated by the very people that are meant to serve the public!

It is time for The U.S. Government and The U.S. Department of Energy to deliver the 1.) apology, 2.) damages offset, 3.) justice, 4.) whistle-blower and informant fees that are required.

Mr. Perry, we look forward to your response.


The Technology Alliance