SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Car break-ins are on the rise across the Bay Area. In fact, 2017 was a record-breaking year for our three largest cities.

We’re seeing record numbers of car burglaries in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. Chances it has happened to you or someone you know.

San Francisco leads the pack with 31,120 break-ins last year.

In the same period, San Jose reported 6,476 car burglaries. That number is the highest the city has ever seen and a 17 percent increase compared to 2016.

It was also a record year in Oakland with 10,007 reported cases in 2017, up 32% compared to the previous year.

Unlike San Francisco, where burglars are targeting rental cars and tourist destinations, in Oakland, the majority of the break-ins are in commercial districts, where people go shop and dine.

The Oakland Police Department says more than 60 percent of the auto burglaries happened west of Lake Merritt, in North and West Oakland, thought there are fewer homicides, and more burglaries. It’s the opposite in East Oakland, where there are fewer burglaries and more homicides.

One reason for the uptick is that the items left in cars have gotten more expensive over the years, like laptops and smart phones.

Also, the chances of getting caught are very slim. In San Francisco, for example, not even 2 percent of the thieves are nabbed.

“My car has been broken into 4 times. I’m frustrated because nothing is being done,” says Edgar Garcia, who lives in the City’s the Mission District. “Now, I’m debating if I should sell my car but I have two kids and need my car for my kids.”

In San Francisco the District Attorney is asking the city for $1 million dollars to form a burglary Task Force.

But in most Bay Area cities, it’s a low priority crime. The statistical truth is very few car burglaries get solved.

To make matters worse, these statistics are just reported break-ins. Police say the actual numbers are likely much higher, because many car burglary victims don’t even bother reporting them anymore.

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    1. Well since the ultra leftists in Frisco don’t really care about what is ILLEGAL…….why should they worry about a little matter like this? ILLEGAL (as in ALIENS) are protected, hidden, warned, coddled, appreciated, patronized…..etc…etc…) is a meaningless term to these ultra leftist extremists so the ILLEGAL break ins to cars is meaningless. Karma eh?

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  5. Progressive redistribution of wealth….they have little interest in preventing these ‘crimes’.

  6. As a sanctuary city…you should leave your homes and cars unlocked! Stop making it seem as if you don’t want to share with the “dreamers.”

  7. What is happening in the beautiful city by the bay? My wife and I began our marriage there many years ago and it has always been a special place for us, but now it’s hardly recognizable.

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  14. You didn’t buy that car! What makes you think the stuff you leave in it is yours, either?

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  16. Want to stop the auto break ins, it is simple really. Leave guns in the cars and report them stolen. Once the press starts reporting “guns stolen from locked cars” the liberal heads will explode. Police will either start arresting people for keeping guns legally locked in their cars or they will crack down on car break ins because gun violence is caused by guns, not criminals with guns remember.

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