These investigations focus on Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists, Washington DC and Sacramento
California politicians, including White House staff, and the organized crimes engaged in by those
parties including:
- Sex trafficking and the operation of executive hooker-clubs
- Illicit campaign finance and election rigging using their social media networks
- Use of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other social media entities for psychological
warfare against the public
- Lies about the impressions or traffic on social media in order to defraud the public, campaigns,
and advertisers
- Black-listing of suppliers and entrepreneurs
- Bribery of senior law enforcement officials and judges
- Anti-Trust law violations
- Crimes and illicit activities as a “Cartel”
- Tax evasion and the coordinated operation of false-front Cayman Islands accounts
- Conduit-rings to pay political favors with search engine and social media rigging
- RICO Racketeering Cartel operations
- Coordinated character assassinations of reporters and citizens who reported their crimes
- Fraudulent trust funds, shell corporations and family accounts for political and business
- Manifestation of their rape-culture, frat-boy, take-what-you-want, misogynistic culture into a
crime family-type operation
- The bribery of Senators and public agency staff via stock market exchanges
- Crony government funds payola via exclusionary tax waivers, tax credits, employment liability
reductions, and similar, provided only to graft partners
- Interference via moles, internet manipulation and political campaign blockades
- Collusion and covert meetings designed to coordinate illicit trade practices
- Intellectual property theft
- Falsification of government review data in order to steer funds to their personal accounts
- Stock market manipulation via software tricks, pump-and-dumps and false-front trades
and other crimes and illicit activities...
The public volunteers report to all offices of the FBI, The U.S. Congress, All law enforcement and
public interest organizations via massed carbon copies of all file sets in order to mitigate cover-
ups. All participant members of the public demand public investigations, public jury trials and
fair justice. The public has placed copies of this data in hundreds of thousands of mirror sites and
torrents on the internet globally since 2007.
These crimes and crony payola scams have lost taxpayers over $900 billion of their money and
the losses are increasing monthly.
All data is compiled from previously published public sources and complies with all DMCA,
SLAPP, Freedom of the Press, First Amendment and other laws.