By San Conly

Hollywood is shocked..shocked..by the number of people avoiding movie theaters. They should not be, unless they are tone deaf idiots. Here is why people say they are not going to movie theaters:

1. Nobody wants to be stuck in a room full of noisy immigrants

2. Nobody wants to get shot up or exploded by a bunch of immigrant attacks in a theater

3. Nobody wants to get any more head lice

4. 3D movies are too dim to enjoy with those dumb glasses

5. Urban environments have rude people inter-mixing in public spaces

6. Nobody wants to experience Hollywood's SJW propaganda

7. Nobody that watches movies is as old and gay as the Hollywood bobos that make the movies

8. Nobody wants to sit in the anal leakage from the thousands of other people that sat in that movie seat previously

9. The increasing diseases in the western world create a dramatically increased likelihood of infection if you go to the movies

10. The public asked Hollywood to deliver the movies to them on the internet over a decade ago and Hollywood is being punished for being arrogant pricks and not doing it

11. Nobody wants to support Hollywood's political election rigging and campaign financing of extremist causes with their movie ticket. Hollywood forgot it's own mantra: "If you want to send a message use Western Union, we pay for entertainment, not propaganda"

12. The public is sick of the obvious pandering and stupidity of Hollywood

13. Urban parking is so hard and cities, like San Francisco and Los Angles are so "anti-car" that it is just too much of a hassle to go to a theater

14. Movie tickets cost too much. $10 bucks for one person for one movie or $10 bucks for Netflix for a month for thousands of movies

15. You have to fight for a decent seat while, at home, you always get the best seat

16. Movies at home can be started by you when you want. Movies in a theater can only be started when the theater says

17. Too many Millennial idiots wear those stupid fedora hats and knit caps with animals ears and block your view. At home, nobody is blocking your view on Netflix

18. The world has been consumed by smartphone-addicted zombies who are always texting and blinding your view with their stupid devices

19. Hollywood is a bubble-based echo-chamber that holds none of the views of the rest of the world and the whining actors have only made the world's impression of Hollywood much worse

20. The hack of Sony Pictures revealed that the studios are elitist, frat boy, racist misogynist idea-thieves

21. The "Drain-the-theaters" movie has targeted Hollywood for it's election rigging and campaign financing

22. Hollywood became too much of a political extremes culture

23. Super hero movies have just become ludicrous and everybody is sick of obvious formula sequels

24. Movie goers have gotten smarter while Hollywood executives have remained stupid frat boys

25. The Harvey doxing has shown Hollywood to be a bunch of Pedes and sex abusers

26. Millennial people don't have kids and don't buy into the white-picket fence programming of the big banks. Millennial people don't have big families they need to dump at the theater