Additional Reports and File Evidence on the Investigations- PAGE 1

A vast, extensive, set of evidence documents and investigation reports have now been filed in dozens of lawsuits relating to the Cleantech Crash incident. The following is a small sample of items reporters have been able to acquire. Items will be added as they become available. You can source original documents online, in many cases, with a keyword search of the following phrases, keywords or metatags on any non-google search engine:

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How vast is Elon Musks Arrogance?

Elon Musk’s English lesson risks US regulator’s wrath on fires. Musk risks rankling a regulator that can force costly alterations or fine Tesla millions of dollars for not reporting what it considers safety defects Jeff Plungis Washington: Elon Musk, the billionaire co-founder of electric carmaker Tesla Motors Inc., is sniping over semantics with the industry’s regulator, the latest step in what he calls a crusade to revolutionize the automobile. The flap began as the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) last year started investigating battery fires in the $70,000-and-up Tesla Model S sedan. It escalated after the agency listed as a recall Tesla’s steps to reduce fire risks during recharging. An exasperated Musk took to Twitter on 14 January, saying “the word ‘recall’ needs to be recalled.” As Musk looks to start selling into the safety-conscious mass market within three years, he wants to dispel any notion that owning a Tesla is inherently dangerous. Yet by sparring publicly with NHTSA, he risks rankling a regulator that could force costly alterations or fine Tesla millions of dollars for not reporting what it considers safety defects. “This is just the kind of reaction you get from someone who is essentially a rookie in the car business,” said Jack Nerad, executive editorial director with Kelley Blue Book. “You will not hear a seasoned auto executive knock NHTSA.”Automakers typically work behind the scenes to negotiate with NHTSA on the scope and timing of recalls. For the largest automakers, these efforts can result in recalls covering fewer model years or applying only to vehicles made in certain factories, narrowing the cost to companies... Bloomberg- Angela Greiling Keane in Washington and Alan Ohnsman in Los Angeles contributed to this story.


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