Incriminating Emails- Part 1: The following emails, legally acquired by investigating authorities, demonstrate collusion, misuse of office and a variety of other indiscretions. Additional emails are expected from the NSA cull provided by the NSA and FBI to federal investigators: Jonathan Silver, DOE's VC, famously made all DOE staff and contractor personal emails open to subpoena by telling those DOE staff and contractors to try to hide the discussion of misdeeds in their personal emails. Alas, he told them in writing and that "order to deceive" is now documented on public record. Multiple federal investigation offices have seen, but have not yet released, additional email evidence aside from the public record documents below. Federal investigators are aware of which DOE staff and contractors attempted to delete agency and personal emails, what the content of those emails is, and is aware of which DOE staff and contractors have subjected themselves to charges of "felony interference". It is believed that every Silicon Valley Vc involved in manipulations, has email with headers, texts and phone calls since 2005 in federal investigator's hands. It is believed that every lobbyists email with headers, text and phone call since 2005 should be considered to be in federal investigator's hands. In other words, if you think this is good; wait 'til you see what the investigators release in the future. Stay tuned... Appendix-I-1 Appendix-I-2 Appendix-I-3 Appendix-I-4 Appendix-I-5 Appendix-I-6 Appendix-I-7 Appendix-I-8 Appendix-I-9 Appendix-I-10 Appendix-I-11 Appendix-I-12 Appendix-I-13 Appendix-I-14 Appendix-I-15 Appendix-I-16 Appendix-I-17 Appendix-I-18 Appendix-I-19 Appendix-I-20 Appendix-I-21 Appendix-I-22 Appendix-I-23 Appendix-I-24 Appendix-I-25 Appendix-I-26 Appendix-I-27 Appendix-I-28 Appendix-I-29 Appendix-I-30 Appendix-I-31 Appendix-I-32 Appendix-I-33 Appendix-I-34 Appendix-I-35 Appendix-I-36 Appendix-I-37 Appendix-I-38 Appendix-I-39 Appendix-I-40 Appendix-I-41 Appendix-I-42 Appendix-I-43 Appendix-I-44 Appendix-I-45 Appendix-I-46 Appendix-I-47 Appendix-I-48 Appendix-I-49 Appendix-I-50 Appendix-I-51 Appendix-I-52 Appendix-I-53 Appendix-I-54