Fixing Washington: The Specific Steps -

We have asked everybody to send in their best single sentence solutions. This Story will continually grow and evolve over time. Check back.

Change the program from one of policy based around rich families and big companies to one of community need. DFG


Make the system work like the Constitution says, where one person gets one vote instead of one corporation getting 10 million votes. G


Make it a felony for anyone who held a public office to work in a private company that lobbies government officials to end the endless jobs-as-kickbacks scams. HJK


Require all contract proposals, submissions and reviews to be published online so we can see if the evaluations were rigged or not. KK


Make it a law that NOBODY; no person company or group, can fund a political campaign. ADE ---------------------------------------------------------

Triple the jail time and cash penalties for politicians who hire their friends. FF