somologThis is an online publication focused on aggregating, exploring and discussing a mandate for the creation of anti-corruption systems.

Our public reporters, investigators and researchers detail the process, as an example of the failed system, which needs to be corrected. Participants come from every political affiliation. No party is off-limits. If someone in that party is doing the crime, they are going to get the heat. Quite a few people, banks and others have now been indicted, fined, investigated, fired or otherwise addressed. The fix is in, but it is a long row to hoe.

P2P crowd-sourced news was originally created by reporters, to help other reporters with their research, but then we figured: "oh, what the hell" and opened it up to everybody.

This format is now replicated and mirrored globally. When one of our mirror sites is attacked and killed by denial of service, or other attacks, it can now be crossed over and revived on a mirror within 5 minutes or less.



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Have them turn on "masking and cloaking" if they can, when they re-point your url, so it looks clean in a browser.

PRIVACY: We do not sell or provide any reporter, editor or subscriber information to any third party. Period! This site uses blind-input torrent-based deletion technology to guarantee that all participants are protected to the full extent of their Constitutional rights. This is the new internet. Every electronic device on Earth can be hacked, cracked, monitored and messed with via a few clicks of easily downloaded hacker-ware. Bored kids do it just for fun and big spooky people do it for all kinds of reasons. Anybody can now get ahold of "backdoor software" all over the internet. Most network equipment, built to date, has electronic back doors in it that make it extremely easy to enter your network. The only safe rules, anymore, are either:

1.) Keep everything in your head, or...

2.) Give everything you know to everybody you can. It is much safer to tell all of the reporters, law enforcement groups and community groups what you know if you have a hot tip. The more carbon copies you distribute, the better it is. If you want to embargo it for a certain time period, use the "Julian Method" and send compressed, zipped files about "the thing" to all reporters but only give the decryption code to a few friends and leave it in some GEO-Location exclusive spots.

Personal Security Some of us were soldiers. What we learned was to always assume that anything you own that uses electricity is bugged by hackers. You will not be able to sweep for every device or hack, so you must use one, or a combo, of three techniques:

1. Disinformation- Put a large % of fake and misleading info in all inter-office communications to throw off hackers.

2. Zero discussion- Never discuss any sensitive information when you are within 50 feet of any electrically powered thing. Walls, windows and water reflect sound and lips can be read, so adjust accordingly.

3. Total Honesty- Pretend like the hackers are actually doing you a favor by documenting all of your notes and thoughts. Think of it like they are writing your autobiography for you. Say and write things you would love to have the world know about after the police catch them and expose their records.


If you are about to have a meeting with a source that you suspect is dangerous, deliver an encrypted set of all of your background files to multiple reporters in a zip file. Arrange to email or text all of your safety contact reporters at one hour intervals. If you miss an interval by 5 minutes, or more, tell your contacts to assume you are in trouble and to release the material and call authorities. Never keep anything as the only copy. Always distribute key background information to multiple other reporters to hold for you.


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More Info: If you are a stringer, writer, investigator or specialized journalist writing disclosures and articles for this site, or any other public interest publication; we have some good news for you. One of the most prestigious public interest first-amendment law firms has written a formal legal opinion letter for us which states that you are fully protected by Constitutional, whistle-blower, FOIA and related freedom-of-speech laws. A number of reporters have turned to publications and sites like this because, when they had their researchers call the opposing side for a statement, their editors suddenly got harassing, threatening, intimidation calls telling them to shut the story down or it will be "bad for business and careers". There seems to be an organized intimidation effort to keep editors from publishing anything that covers the truth about campaign activities from the past, particularly anything related to Chicago and Silicon Valley connections where funding for the intimidation campaign comes from. Don't let all that great research and writing you did go to waste. Publish here and at PROPUBLICA, Huffington Post and all of the many other open publications. You are totally protected by law, by open login, by shared team login (so no single person or group can be attacked by the other side) (although we represent all sides so, there really isn't an "other" side.) and by public support. Any reporter/editor can add paragraphs to a tip but cannot edit a story. You cannot change existing sentences in a tip but can add a sentence after a break.