The Techniques Elon Musk uses to attack others

Elon Musk has an around the-clock-team of PR attackers, trolls and "meat puppets" let's take a look at how they operate. Musk has been documented using the following types of sabotage:

• Bribing political officials to rule against competitors

• Spying on others

• Shill Attacks

• Purchasing supply routes to monopolize and control the market (IE: Lithium Mines overseas)

• Threats of business incursions and the use of "Moles" and "Planted Staff"

Musk uses the following compensated "Shill Reporters" to cover his tracks:

Tesla Shill "reporters": Ricky Munarriz- Motley Fool Jennifer Burke- Market News Call Emily Watson- Consensus Press Michelle Jones- The Street Elaine Kwei- Jefferies Adam Jonas- Morgan Stanley Sue Chang- Market Watch Ben Eisen- Market Watch Chris Ciaccia- The Street Michael Aragon- Market News Patrick Hoge- SF Business Times Leigh Drogen- Seeking Alpha Raj Gupta- McKinsey Consulting ELON MUSK'S TOP FAKE STOCK MARKET MANIPULATION WEBSITES REVEALED! - Musk PR staff caught sending "syncronize watches" emails and tweets to get team of bloggers to blast out shill stock pumping news - Viewed as illegal attempt to manipulate stock market, in violation of securities laws - Always come out with the same stories, at the same time, as soon as bad news about Tesla and Space X pops up - Non-insider investors feeling "screwed", consider MORE shareholder lawsuits for fraud. Journalists and media investigative groups charge that Musk and his investors control the following media fronts for their stock market manipulations: VALUEWALK.COM CLEANTECHNICA.COM INVESTORPLACE.COM GREEN.AUTOBLOG.COM AUTOBLOG.COM GREEN.CARREPORTS.COM GREENCARREPORTS.COM BUSINESSINSIDER.COM HUFFINGTONPOST.COM HEART PUBLISHING GROUP A.L.I.C.E. NEWS COORDINATION GROUP CA.AUTOBLOG.COM TREEHUGGER.COM TRANSPORTEVOLVED.COM MERCURYNEWS.COM TESLA-SHILLS-AND-TROLLS

Is it legal for the Motley Fool, Green Car Reports, and similar "front jobs", which are controlled, and in some cases, partially owned by Tesla (TSLA) investors, to hype Tesla stock, as if they were an unaffiliated publication, and post fake blog comments from the same affiliated comment authors? Does the federal securities law not state that it is a felony to falsely promote your stock through un-disclosed, or non-obvious, means in order to "pump" your stock so that you can skim the winnings off of the stock pump before it crashes again? Elon Musk had a synthetic digital newspaper mass publishing system and sold it for $400 Million dollars so he could buy his first McClaren Sports car and girlfriend. This system is designed to create tons of fake online news outlets where you can pump your stock and delete anything bad that anyone says about you. Tesla's marketing partner, Google, then took that to the next level by applying the censorship approach to the entire internet. It worked, it got Obama elected by deleted the GOP off the web. Now that many stories have come out, from media outlets not controlled by the Musk media clamp, about what is really up with Tesla and government kick-backs, the churn mill is turned up to 11. Hype = Stock Fraud. When will the FBI or SEC take action? It's our tax and pension fund money that is being abused.