IN-Q-TEL was hired by "THE BAD GUYS" to engage in retribution hit-jobs against the non-crony applicants

  • Certain Ex-CIA officials figure prominently in these investigations.
  • These officials hold stock in lithium ion batteries and related mining deals.
  • They staff In-Q-Tel, Google, Kleiner Perkins projects and Elon Musk's companies.
  • They authored and helped distribute the McKinsey/Goldman Sachs/Kleiner pitch articles regarding the "Trillions of dollars of lithium in Afghanistan".
  • They advise on White House policies as "consultants"
  • In-Q-Tel told the judge, in court, that it was a "501 C 3 non-profit charity", yet it sells its services doing hit-jobs on American taxpayers and was caught with five tons of cocaine on it's airplanes
  • They staff Eric Schmidt's New America Foundation. Most investigators feel that In-Q-Tel and New America Foundation are the same entity.
  • Former CIA boss: Woolsey, (helping Steven Chu with the H2 defamation) notoriously defamed hydrogen energy and fuel cells in order to support his stock backing for lithium ion batteries.
  • In-Q-Tel contacted applicants during their Department of Energy application process, then re-contacted them afterwards on unrelated future projects. In-Q-Tel called those applicants in, copied their technology, released their copies to the market, and flooded those applicants out of business using their own technologies against them while being funded to do so by tax payer dollars. As shown below, this was a standard retribution and revenge process which was used against applicants who assisted with federal investigations.
  • You will notice, in recent headlines, that the top Inspector General and forensic accounting staff at the Pentagon were justr fired, or forced to resign due to "financial situations involving Middle East accounting disparities in the hundreds of millions of dollars". Those staff managed cost-buckets used by these former CIA officials, now under investigation.
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