Almost every applicant, who competed with the crony's, and started to get market traction, had a third party placed in their company who created an internal revolution and arranged for the founders to get thrown out, or attempted such a business coup. This appears to have been a tactic, created by politicians and their campaign financiers, to mitigate competition using taxpayer resources in an illicit manner. Additionally, A number of these third parties, if not all, have now been financially and politically connected to the same exact set of crony's who received the exclusive kick-back benefits.

"Flash Boy" Algorithms

The Book, and 60 Minutes episode called "Flash Boys", and the recent "Spoofing" arrests, documents how Silicon Valley venture capitalists, assisted by Goldman Sachs, essentially, "hacked" into the stock market and used computerized trading to trick the stock market system into "EATING IT'S OWN CHILDREN" by controlling how stocks are traded, for their own personal Cartel. They used Google to synthetically hype certain stocks, particularly in the Cleantech Crash, and timed that hype to their "stock pumps", Flash Boy bursts and "spoofs". This is a felony, but, because the public officials who benefited from these crimes are still in office, no law enforcement has, yet, been undertaken against them. The public is urged to sue them, directly, and engage in citizen arrests. GOOGLE-SABOTAGES-COMPETITORS hands INV433-1 INV436 KLEINER-PERKINS MUSK_FELONY PENSION-FUNDS SOLYNDRA-SCAM STOCK-MARKET   stockmarket-rigging


Applicants have testified, and provided proof, that certain individuals approached their companies with impressive resumes and offered to get funding for their projects because of their "connections". It turned out that a number of "these" helpful people were already working for Kleiner Perkins, Ford and the hard-wired insiders. Those "helpful" people then set about sabotaging those companies in order to clear the way or Tesla, Solyndra, Fisker and the Crony Companies. In many cases, people entered the Kleiner Perkins, or The Cartel's, competitor company, rigged a hostile take-over and threw the founders out and then slow-crashed the company. ZAP_CEO 5334582 557392 VVC_CEO_XP 2740985 tesla_xp_vehicles_CEO FISKER_CEO_OUT_XP_VEHICLES 1201071 TESLA WAS NOT FOUNDED BY ELON MUSK. ELON MUSK TOOK TESLA AWAY FROM IT'S FOUNDERS IN A "HOSTILE STOCK TAKE-OVER"! IT IS THOUGHT THAT HE DID THIS, WITH THE HELP OF THE SILICON VALLEY CARTEL IN ORDER TO EXPLOIT LITHIUM WAR PROFITEERING. These hostile take-over attempts happened over and over, each used the same tactics, the takeover attempters were all connected to the same people and the effects are obvious. These attempts happened to XP, Aptera, EcoMotors and most all of the Competitors to the Silicon Valley Cartel that John Doerr formed.

Washington, DC politics take-over attempts by the Silicon Valley Cartel

This Book (Download a free PDF copy from this link) goes into great detail about THE SILICON COUP attempt: The Silicon Coup 4.5e