Ms. Kamala Harris

The Attorney General's Office

California Department of Justice

455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 11000

San Francisco, CA 94102-7004



Nov. 2, 2015


Dear Ms. Harris:

Numerous congressional officials have referred us to you as the individual having responsibility and jurisdiction over our request.

We witnessed, and experienced an organized crime matter, and were then asked to assist state and federal investigators in this matter. Because of this, our companies, and those of our peers, were attacked, harassed, stone-walled, sabotaged and damaged by the suspects, some of whom are officials that you, and your staff, know by name. You are very familiar with this investigation. All of the money, operational orders, beneficiaries, and PACs have now been tracked and documented. Gallop Polls, have listed “Corruption” to be the number one issue of the coming elections, we, again ask for your office's help in this corruption matter.

We ask you to:

1. Recover our damages, which were, in part caused by public officials under your jurisdiction.

2. Publicly prosecute the officials and oligarchs who put state employees up to these crimes.

We understand that these are not special requests, but, rather, the duties of your office.

It is now no longer possible for any state, or federal official to claim that this matter is “without merit”, or any such other obfuscation. The facts are irrefutable, exist in millions of pages of evidential documents, have been disclosed by thousands of members of the news media and are deeply documented in such books as “The Book of Tesla”; “The Silicon Coup” and “Throw Them All Out”, to mention only a few of the hundreds of books documenting these crimes. The facts are also deeply documented in thousands of broadcast news stories, including 60 Minutes “The Cleantech Crash”, “The Lobbyists Playbook”, the feature film “Inside Job” and thousands of documentation websites. The evidence is also filed with numerous courts and agencies and archived, globally, in non-deletable torrent and drawstring files. The proof of the crimes, the attacks on us and who did what, are now deeply documented by numerous investigators.

In other words, your legacy is now fixed in time, and documented history. The actions that you, and your staff either do, or don't, take, will now be attached to you, by your personal name, throughout recorded history. Prudence in the protection of the interests of us, and the other hundreds of millions of voters, is urged.

We have witnessed enough stone-walling, “missing hard-drives”, hit-jobs, and other political attacks to know what is up. Please do the right, moral, and law enforcement required, thing. Stone-walling is now no longer possible without equal effect on the careers, brands, pensions, election results and legacy of those who engage is such stonewalling in order to continue to attack voters, such as us.

Those of us, who were attacked, have now accrued substantial resources, globally, among our peers, credible law enforcement groups, Congress, special investigators, journalists, social media aggregators and hundreds of millions of voters. We now have the ability, without breaking a single law, to administratively terminate any corrupt official. If in doubt, take a look at the full FBI documents on Solyndra, Ener1, Abound, and the 25+, world-famous, Washington DC officials who suddenly had to leave their jobs. You have noticed all of the recent arrests of Senators and public officials, right? On top of that, please let us mention: “2016 ELECTIONS!”.

Our tool is simple. It is called transparency. This is not a single thing any corrupt official, or campaign financier, can do to stop it.

We, and our peers, had California companies with the highest rated “green technologies” in the world. State and federal officials had all of our companies, and senior staff, attacked and terminated, using taxpayer resources, because they competed with their campaign investors battery, car and solar stock market stocks. That is still a felony, right? A number of these people suddenly turned up dead, unexpectedly, under mysterious and coincidental circumstances and timing. Have you protected the rest of us from any further possible misdeeds?

It is well documented that you know officials who have received campaign investments from some of the very persons who are suspects in this matter. We don't care about those compromises. We care, as I am sure you do, about the LAW!


What are you going to do to protect us?


What are you going to do to recover our damages for us?


What are you going to do to make sure this never happens again?

These are not rhetorical questions? We are publicly, globally, documenting your responsiveness and the timing of your responsiveness. We expect an answer. Your office has been non-responsive, so far. Non-responsiveness is no longer an option and will now directly impact voter results in 2016! We demand justice. That is your Department. Give us justice, or get a media circus beyond anything you can imagine.

We look forward to your prompt reply.




The CleanTech Victims Unit


CC: Congress; Newsdesks, Media; Agencies; DJ - SF, FBI; Comey – DC, FBI; Staff


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