The Challenge Of Corruption and the Elections.

In a crime of historical proportions, White House staff, and Department of Energy leaders, managed by Steven Chu, handed a shockingly large amount of taxpayer money to a private cadre of Silicon Valley campaign financiers. They did it via those financiers green-washing front companies as part of a political kick-back scheme. You have heard of the notorious Solyndra, A123, Fisker, Ener1 and other “Cleantech Crash” failures. This was part of that mess. It was an inside job. If you watch the feature film, called: “Inside Job”, you can see how it worked.

While doing this, they put sabotage and hit-job attacks on the competing applicants for the funding, who were also the competitors of the Silicon Valley campaign financiers. It was the most overt, heinous, and audacious form of crony manipulation Washington had ever conjured.

As of today, you can't find a major law enforcement agency that does not have a big case working on this. You can't find a major news organization that does not have reams of files and reports on this. You can't find a voter who does not think corruption, like this, is destroying Washington, DC.

All of those Silicon Valley oligarchs companies failed. The Silicon Valley oligarchs just wanted to get the federal cash in their bank, skim some for themselves, off the top, and let those front companies die. They didn't care, one iota, about “green energy”, “sustainable power” or anything, even remotely, altruistic. They cared about cash. They cared about the “grab-it-and-go”. The whole “green” thing they spouted was a smoke green to get voter sheep-like support.

The losses, from this criminal corruption scheme, to date, exceed 900 BILLION DOLLARS of YOUR tax money.

This is only one of thousands, and thousands, of cases of massive corruption, with our tax money, by elected officials. You read about a new one, in the news, almost every other day.

How did this corruption become so accelerated and so pervasive?

How did these politicians decide that they could just steal with impunity, like this?

It began in 2007 when the real estate market got interesting. People told Congress that “America might fail” if we don't take drastic steps. It was suggested that all the money, that anybody could find, be put into an emergency pot to save all of the Americans.

As we all now know, while the idea might have been interesting, the execution was criminally corrupt and deviant. Instead of giving the money to American families, it was handed to a small set of bankers and “financial speculators” who promptly stole it, later got charged with crimes (in most cases), and never did a thing with the money to help anybody but themselves.

TARP was a shambles. The banks did little, or nothing for the public. The other part of the scheme was a hard-wired load of $25 Billion dollars that Steven Chu, at the DOE, was parsing out to his friends.

In historical retrospective, based on overwhelming evidence, it is very clear to even the most naive newspaper reader, that a kick-back scheme went down. Only Elon Musk, John Doerr and their associates got the money. Only Elon Musk, John Doerr and their associates owned the supplier commodity routes. Only Elon Musk, John Doerr and their associates had the stock benefits. Only Elon Musk, John Doerr and their associates were the same campaign financiers who owned the only companies who got the cash and the government contracts. Only the competitors to Elon Musk, John Doerr and their associates got sabotaged by Steven Chu and his team while they were, exclusively, funding the asset holdings of Elon Musk, John Doerr and their associates. Only Elon Musk, John Doerr and their associates had “gifted” stock to the very elected and appointed officials who were in charge of “helping” Steven Chu hand out the cash to them. The list goes on…

Today, it is VERY clear what happened and how the kick-back scam was perpetrated.

The White House is still the boss of the DOJ, and many other law enforcement agencies. One can assume that they threatened law enforcement bosses with career, pension and stock problems unless they held off the arrests until after the 2016 elections. Is that really a good idea though?

The public is angry. They are angry about corruption and about the inability of anybody in Washington to do anything that doesn't pad their personal bank account and their personal stock portfolio.

Enter the 2016 elections. Not too long ago, the media told us it was already a “done deal”. It was going to be “Hillary Vs. Jeb”. It was resolved, just sit back and watch it happen.

But then...Not so much.

The rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, from impossible outliers to top tier underdogs, has shocked the people who control what you are supposed to think is happening in politics.

The public wasn't buying the spoon feeding of their “media message”. They were not so keen on getting “mood manipulated” by Facebook and Google into thinking one way, or another.

The public was not seeing any benefit from the so-called benefits they were supposed to get. The Silicon Valley oligarchs were seeing all kinds of benefits. For their 1% crowd, the economy was doing great. They got billions of free dollars, that they didn't have to work for.. wooo hooo!

In the beginning, Trump and Sanders were shunned and derided by the media. They were name called, character assassinated and diminished. That was before they started talking to the voters.

What the voters have heard, from both of these candidates, is the biggest challenge that they, or Washington, have heard, to crony capitalism, in a long time.

Candidates “normally” didn't say such things. These people were discussing the ”forbidden issues”, right out loud. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!

It resonated with all of the voters. For all of their crazy, no hair, wild hair and “plain speakin' abrasive slang”; they said things that voters have been waiting a long time to hear.