F.U.Univision - We Are Putting You Out Of Business Because You Own Gizmodo: The Character Assassination Service

There's a concerted effort at Univision to more closely align Fusion and Gizmodo with the larger company


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Univision CEO Randy Falco, who announced plans to retire by year’s end, has signaled more upheaval and layoffs are in the media company’s future.

“As part of our continuing efforts, we have made the very difficult decision to reduce personnel across the company,” Falco wrote in a memo to staff obtained by TheWrap. “We know that disruption is required to transform this business into a company that will not only exist but continue to thrive in the future.”

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In recent weeks, the company has lost CFO Francisco Lopez-Balboa and Gizmodo Media Group CEO Raju Narisetti.

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“The changes needed are not going to be easy,” he continued in the memo, sent last week. “Our multi-year transformation process includes a rigorous evaluation of operational costs, core business processes and organizational structure to accelerate [Univision’s] evolution toward a simplified, more agile, digitally enabled company.”

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Representatives for Univision declined to comment for this story.

Earlier this month, Univision put the kibosh on a long-awaited IPO and laid off more than 150 employees across both the Spanish-language TV network and Gizmodo Media Group it acquired last year. And in March the company laid off 20 employees as it announced plans to restructure the business amid a steady erosion in ratings on the network.

As part of Univision’s wholesale company evaluation, an audit of efficiencies is being conducted by Boston Consulting Group.

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Executives hope the review will position the to succeed in an era that rewards digital success and fervently loyal, but exceedingly fragmented TV audiences for both Univision and Fusion, an English-language joint venture that it has wholly owned since 2016.

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Like many of its legacy media cohorts, Univision has come face-to-face with an evolving, more digitally-focused landscape, forcing the company to make tough decisions in reevaluating how to position itself to survive the future.

But there’s plenty of uncertainty among rank-and-file employees as to what the company will actually look like, and whose jobs could be on the chopping block.

“My impression has been that Univision is not handling this situation well and people are freaked out,” an editor at Gizmodo Media Group, who declined to be named, told TheWrap. “But as of yet there have not been any cuts to rank-and-file GMG editorial staff. In fact, there doesn’t appear to be a hiring freeze.”

Illustrating the stark differences in Univision’s TV and digital properties, the company reported that core advertising revenue for TV was down 18.4 percent in the most-recent fourth quarter, while digital core advertising revenue was up 2.8 percent.

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Primetime ratings on the main network have plummeted in recent years, with longtime rival Telemundo surpassing the once-dominant Univision in the key 18-49-year-old demographic.

During the 2010-11 TV season, Univision averaged 2.2 million viewers in the key demo,  while Telemundo managed just 709,000. In the most recent 2016-17 TV season, Univision averaged just 843,000 viewers from Monday to Friday in the same 18-49 demo. Telemundo finished with 861,000 per night.

That’s a whopping 62 percent decline for Univision since 2010, with the network consistently falling since 2012-13.

Despite the drop in ratings and the shuffling happening inside the company, Univision has continued to perform financially. Revenue at Univision declined less than 1 percent in 2017 to $3.02 billion from $3.04 billion in 2016.

And the new digital division is emerging as a bright spot, as well as a platform to reach a more diverse group of young consumers — a necessity as its traditional Spanish-speaking audience has evolved.

All but one of Gizmodo’s sites recently experienced double-digit growth in visitors month-to-month. The only outlier, Lifehacker, missed the mark only because it had just experienced back-to-back months of all-time visits.

“Without losing sight of our core mission to inform, empower and entertain our audiences, we know that disruption is required to transform this business into a company that will not only exist but continue to thrive in the future,” Falco wrote in his staff memo.

Tony Maglio and Jon Levine contributed to this reporting.

Deadspin Writes A 9 Billion Word Essay On Why Univision Sucks (Univision Owns Deadspin)

El Presidente



Univision – This is the story of how corporate raiding, complacency, excess, and incompetence are gutting a media company that matters to tens of millions of people. It’s not a novel story, and perhaps not even scandalous by the standards of corporate opulence: A shark-obsessed boss, millions wasted on consultants, and an executive who insisted on publishing softcore porn are more embarrassing buffoonery than insidious greed. The main problem—the billions in debt the company ran up in the process of its owners buying it and weighing it down—is practically routine in media and beyond; that doesn’t make it any less infuriating. This company is Univision, which until recently obligingly filled the role of absentee stepfather to Gizmodo Media Group, our employer.


So Kmarko forwarded me this article yesterday. It may be the longest article I’ve ever read. The cliff notes version is that everybody at Univision is a bunch of sleazy buffoons who have no idea how to run a company with the exception of Deadspin/the Gizmodo Group who are brilliant thought leaders being held hostage by Univision’s incompetence. Oh did I mention that Deadspin wrote it? Wait what? Yup you heard me right. The subject of this hit piece are also the ones that write the checks for the authors of this article. So while Univision was paying Laura Wagner to blog about sports she was instead writing a 10 million word expose on why  her employer is Satan all while happily cashing their checks. I’ve literally never seen anything like it.  It left me with 2 burning questions.

1. If the Deadspin writers hate their jobs so much why don’t they just quit? Oh wait I can handle this one. Because they are all talentless hacks that wouldn’t get hired anywhere else. And even if somebody would hire them before who would hire them now? Why would any employer ever hire such a piece of shit employee?

So that leads to the next question which is tougher.

2. How does Univision allow this site stay in business? I mean they are literally paying to have their own employees shit in their mouths. It makes no sense. I would shut that shit down so fast it would make your head spin. It’s bananaland.

I can’t figure out the answer to question #2. All I know is I have never seen a more miserable, self entitled,delusional group of people than the deadspin writers. It’s like they live on a different planet. How do they not understand that none of them matter? That none of them have any options besides Deadspin or they would have already left the company? That if they get fired they’ll probably have to go sell used cars or teach middle school English or something? Yet despite these incontrovertible facts they continue to dare Univision to shut the site down like they actually have clout. It’s insanity at the highest level.   Either way I got my champagne bottles on ice….

PS – Somebody tell Laura Wagner that when she gets fired I’ll hire her nasty little potty mouth in a heartbeat.


Far-Left Sites Owned By Univision Urges US Companies to Break Law and Employ Illegals

 by Cassandra Fairbanks 95 Comments

A far-left website owned by Univision is calling on US corporations to defy federal laws and keep DACA recipients employed once their work permits expire.


In a piece entitled, ‘What DACA Recipients Really Need Is for Their Bosses to Break the Law,’ published on Univision’s pet project Splinter, Jorge Rivas called for companies to engage in a massive civil disobedience against enforcing America’s borders.

Rivas wrote that “if young, undocumented immigrants can put their livelihoods on the line and practice civil disobedience, then corporations who have reaped the benefits of their bravery—and who have far more power, money and legal resources than DACA recipients—can do it, too.”

“If many corporations big and small stand up and do this, that’s how social change is created,” Bill Ong Hing, an immigration law professor at the University of San Francisco, was quoted as saying.

Even companies that have issued statements in support of DACA were not spared from being called out by the outlet.

“These statements are nice things to say, and that’s about it. They’re nothing more than symbolic declarations. Virtually none of these companies are promising to stick their necks out in a meaningful way for their undocumented workers,” Rivas wrote.

The author noted that AirBnb, who has been barring people from using their service for holding right wing political beliefs, was the first to vow to break the law concerning illegal immigrants.

Is this unprompted email real, @AirbnbHelp? I spend thousands of dollars on Airbnb and have a perfect rating with zero complaints.

Is this because of my politics? Are you doxing customers?

Where the hell is this coming from, @Airbnb? Is this a scam? pic.twitter.com/WquWFibU1D

— Ali