- Gawker and Gizmodo sell hatchet job services to Obama, The DNC, Google and Elon Musk


Ex-Gay, Former Porn Star Joseph Sciambra on Why Satan Loves ...

"Anal sex would release into the world these rare demonic entities that even in the body could be conceived this, um, devil, it would be given birth to anally, not physically it was more of a spiritual body." - Joseph Sciambra, who once had to have his sphincter stitched shut (it might still be stitched).

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joseph-sciambra — Gawker

"Anal sex would release into the world these rare demonic entities that even in the body could be conceived this, um, devil, it would be given birth to anally, not physically it was more of a spiritual body."

Kirk Cameron Could Barely Hear Jesus as He Kept ... - Gawker

Kirk Cameron, God's chosen actor, knows that the heavenly father is real because no one's ever seen a half-crocodile, half-duck called a Crocoduck, though that is most likely because Kirk Cameron made it up.

A Horror Game That May Be Hidden In The Darkest Corners Of ...

In the deep corners of the internet, a video is said to game exist. It's called "Sad Satan," and it's a horror game unlike any other I've come across.Sad Satan cannot be bought at GameStop, nor can it be downloaded digitally via traditional storefronts like Steam.

PDF Swallowed By Satan By Joseph C. Sciambra -

Swallowed By Satan By Joseph C. Sciambra ... Satan Loves Anal, ... Joseph sciambra News, Video and Gossip - Gawker -

"I Don't Like Human Beings": A Chat with The Human ... - Gawker

Gawker: What are your ... in which inmates are attached mouth-to-anus in a removable manner, is implemented. ... I don't like human beings, specifically.

Tabloid - The New York World News Sentinal

click each item to expand it: study shows univision to be single largest cause of rape in america univisions sexist, rape-culture, woman-abusing corporation is targeted for boycott, black-listing and exposure read the detailed public domain court records and insider reports about the tabloid empire of gawker media that was created as an ...

Fuck you, Gawker • r/pics - reddit

Gawker and/or io9 could be run by Satan himself and rape small children daily, ... You had me at "Fuck you, Gawker." ... Gawker is the actual anus of the internet.

Tabloid - The Los Angeles Tribune News



Gawker and Gizmodo Media, Along With Jalopnik, Are Terrorist Organizations


By Danny- A Former Gawker Employee


Nick Denton and the DNC run Weapons of Mass Brand Destruction.

They feign a facade of “being reporters” and sprinkle some generic articles around their swamp of tabloids in order to keep up appearances.

The sole purpose of Gawker, Gizmodo, Jezebel, Valleywag, Jalopnik and the horde of other fake magazines that they created, is to be on stand-by for assigned political character assassinations.

Russian spies created the concept of “the long game pretext”. As the TV show, “The Americans” details, a good scam takes ten to twenty years to properly stage. Gawker, Gizmodo, Jezebel, Valleywag, Jalopnik, etc. are a Fusion GPS-class spy game pretext that was created long ago to allow it to simmer on the pot.

The pot that Gawker-Gizmodo was designed to simmer on was the toilet bowl of tabloid journalism. The DNC and Silicon Valley campaign riggers wanted the dirtiest, scummiest outlet that nobody would question. They succeeded with glory in Gawker-Gizmodo.

Mentally ill gay Millennial kids, that could not get into college, were pulled in as worker-bees based on how much they hated society and how sexually abused by Uncle Fred they appeared to be. They were told: “Here’s a keyboard, spew all of your hate and rage and Nick Denton will pick the worst of it to publish”

Denton, of course, only picked the things that maliciously damaged those who got in the way of the DNC’s crony corruption schemes.

Denton uses every trick in the book to hide behind fluffy legal protections that appear to be the most extreme rationalizations in history. Denton is, himself, a sexually perverted denizen of the dark world of bizarre pizza and angry young boys who throw bricks through his window. This allows him to find synergy with the twisted perverts that he hires.

Gawker-Gizmodo kills people. They violate the Justice Department laws on Terror.

Gawker-Gizmodo has caused a number of innocent people to commit suicide by their actions. Gawker-Gizmodo works with Google and Amazon’s servers to spread hate, defamation, character assassination and brand destruction around the globe and lock it on the internet, forever, in front of eight billion people. They end of the life of everyone that Gawker-Gizmodo targets.

Hulk Hogan and the other victims have probably thought about killing everyone at Gawker-Gizmodo. They certainly want to. Killing people is somewhat illegal in the USA, so Hulk erred on the side of his talent agency and chose the court-room instead. Hulk got lucky in finding the deep pockets of Peter Thiel. None of the other victims got that resource.

Gawker did not get shut down. It is fully operational and spewing vile web posts around the world. Gawker, Gizmodo, Jezebel, Valleywag, Jalopnik are all the same thing; the same people; the same pretext.

The Justice Department should arrest Gawker, Gizmodo, Jezebel, Valleywag, Jalopnik, etc. for terrorism, tax evasion, money laundering, campaign finance fraud, sexual extortion and a host of other issues but they won’t because James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, David Oh and all of those other FBI-DOJ folks work for the DNC.

Until there is an entirely new Department of Justice, social crimes like Gawker-Gizmodo will go un-addressed and bring society closer to crumbling. As long as the public see that criminal organizations like Gawker-Gizmodo will be allowed to freely engage in their crimes and corruptions, there can be no hope for the taxpayers.