- Famous political figures use the government treasuries and stock market for illicit profiteering.


- They attacked us using taxpayer funded media and spy agency tools because we competed with their businesses and reported their crimes.


- San Francisco Bay Area government has as many corrupt politicians as Chicago and relies on the same RICO-violating insider corruption network to operate; as proven by deep AI searches of their financial records.


- Silicon Valley law enforcement records prove that these tech oligarchs engage in massive sex trafficking, tax evasion, anti-trust violations, spousal abuse, money laundering, black-listing, racism, political bribery, crony racketeering and other crimes.


- Famous U.S. Senators, Governors and their staff knowingly engage in, finance, operate and benefit from these crimes.


- Silicon Valley and Hollywood media companies censor and cover-up news coverage of these crimes because they have a financial connection to the perpetrators.



Every Day Of Stone-Walling = One More Day Of Doxing Of The Stone-Wallers


What can you do to help?

1. Call Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette at 1-202-586-5000 and U.S. Attorney General William Barr at 1-202-353-1555 and ask them to provide justice and settlement agreements with the citizen victims of these corruption crimes.

2. Never vote for any political candidate financed by tech oligarch money.

3. Demand that Congress pass a felony-class law restricting all politicians, including their friends and families, from owning stock market stock bribes, revolving door bribe jobs (at Netflix, Google, Uber, etc.) and 501C fake scam "charities".




- SEE -


The Feature Film & the TV Series about this epic crime against Democracy


See ALL of the footage from the TV series and the feature film at:

See the evidence, leaks and news coverage of the crimes behind this case at:

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The only place in the world where you can be completely stealthed online and massively productive for positive social change.


Post the keyword tag for your project on your social media posts, file torrents, drawstrings, file leaks, etc. There are no forms or fees for you to join. You can be completely anonymous or promote the heck out of yourself, we don't mind either way. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Kim Kardashian could all be on this network. Neither, we, nor anybody else would ever be able to know if they want to stay under-wraps. All connection is via keyword and metatag unless you agree to meet in person at one of the events.

For example use the tag "#cleantechcrashcrimesxyz" in your postings and file-drops if you are working on the Department of Energy slush-fund corruption investigation team.

Nearly a hundred other groups have partnered or aligned with our Projects, and we with theirs.

We use 100% legal FBI and CIA-Class forensic technologies and tactics for the Projects that involve investigations.

You can also connect with members on,,,,,, Cicada 3301, The Squid List,, and many other sites and Projects. Just search on their pages for the metatag and/or keyword connect hashtags for each of the Projects you would like to participate in. Then contact the people from those postings or file drops.



  • - That these FBI-filed facts are not 'Conspiracy Theories' but daily occurrences in politics as proven by every major news outlet in the world, federal court records, FBI records and Congressional investigation reports.
  • - That we are federal whistle-blowers and business competitors of public officials who operated illegal and Constitutional-rights-violating reprisal hit-jobs and attacks against us using taxpayer financed resources.
  • - That State and Federal agencies owe us money, and other consideration, to pay for our: 1.)Damages, 2.)losses, 3.) benefits blockades, 4.) witness fees, 5.) whistle-blower fees, 6.) informant fees, 7.) punitive compensation, 8.) legal costs and other items caused by criminal corruption, reprisal attacks and illicit quid-pro-quo operations within their government offices by their government employees, contractors and covert financiers.
  • - That a Smedley Butler-style 'Business Plot' crime program exists between Silicon Valley Tech Oligarch billionaires, investment banks, U.S. Senators, government agency staff and White House staff to engage in these crimes.
  • - That public officials knowingly participate in these crimes by failing to report their associates who engage in these illicit actions and by hiring Google, Fusion-GPS and Black Cube-type suppliers who operate these illicit activities in revolving door schemes.
  • - That the suspects manipulate government funds for their personal profiteering at the expense of domestic citizen taxpayers like us and acquire what the U.S. Treasury calls: "unjust gain".
  • - That the suspects operate a vast stock market manipulation program, as a core function of their operations, and exchange most of their bribes via the stock market and those illicit deeds function at the expense of the public.
  • - That the suspects contract a known group of lobbyists, corrupt law firms, unethical CPA's, corrupt investment banks and specialized corruption services providers to attack, defame, physically harm, character assassinate (Using their Google, Youtube, Gizmodo, Fusion GPS, Black Cube, Media Matters, et al, "kill" services), black-list and harm those they dislike and that they harmed us with those actions.
  • - That the suspects operate an Epstein-like sex-trafficking network network of prostitutes and sexual extortion activities and locations for the engagement of said activities and for the bribery of cohorts via sex workers.
  • - That the suspects engage in electronic attacks ( ) and manipulations including hacking, election manipulation, media censorship and internet search results manipulation in order to mask their schemes.
  • - That we have yet to find a single Palo Alto Sandhill Road VC in this group who is not involved in bribery, racism, sexism, tax evasion, sex trafficking, black-listing, securities law violations, violent abuse, off-shore money-laundering, FEC violations, search engine manipulation, massive anti-trust violations, patent theft and other crimes!
  • - That the suspects engage in 'Lois Lerner' IRS-like, SPYGATE-like, VA whistleblower-like reprisal and retribution  attacks by manipulating resources within government agencies like SSA, DOJ, FBI, LSC, HUD, HHS, DOE, Etc.



This Project Team is called "FACESMART" and it is focused on mass media distribution about the dangers of face-tracking.

Face-tracking harvesters grab one picture of you and then use AI to find every other digital picture of you on the web. They open every social media post, resume, news clipping, dating account etc. and sell the full dossier on you to Axciom, the NSA, Political manipulators etc. and hack your bank accounts and credit cards. Never put an unsecured photo of yourself online. Anybody can take a screen grab of your photo on here, put it in Google's or Palantir's reverse image search, find all your other images and social media accounts online and get into your bank account or medical records in 30 minutes. The fact of the internet's failed security is in the headlines every day. The danger of posting pictures on the web is pretty clearly covered in every major newspaper. Fusion GPS, Black Cube and political operatives harvest every photo on Linkedin and dating sites every hour and use the data to spy on people for political dirty tricks. The FBI, CIA, NSA and most 3-letter law enforcement spy operations copy everything on dating sites and analyze it.

Don't you wonder why you never see anybody famous, political, in public service or in law on a dating site? Read Edward Snowden's book 'Permanent Record' or any weekly report at Krebs On Security. Huge numbers of the profiles on the web are fake Nigerian scammer type things. There are hundreds of thousands of bait profiles on Facebook, Linkedin and every dating site. The real people show up for a live meeting over coffee. The fake ones in Nigeria, and the political spies never show up in person and have a million carefully prepared excuses why not.

For example: Yandex is by far the best reverse image search engine, with a scary-powerful ability to recognize faces, landscapes, and objects. This Russian site draws heavily upon user-generated content, such as tourist review sites (e.g. FourSquare and TripAdvisor) and social networks (e.g. dating sites), for remarkably accurate results with facial and landscape recognition queries. To use Yandex, go to, then choose the camera icon on the right. From there, you can either upload a saved image or type in the URL of one hosted online.

If you get stuck with the Russian user interface, look out for Выберите файл (Choose file), Введите адрес картинки (Enter image address), and Найти (Search). After searching, look out for Похожие картинки (Similar images), and Ещё похожие (More similar). The facial recognition algorithms used by Yandex are shockingly good. Not only will Yandex look for photographs that look similar to the one that has a face in it, but it will also look for other photographs of the same person (determined through matching facial similarities) with completely different lighting, background colors, and positions. Google and Bing also look for other photographs showing a person with similar clothes and general facial features, Yandex will search for those matches, and also other photographs of a facial match. Political spies have even better programs than this out! The web is not safe! Make sure everyone knows that!




"...The Silicon Valley Mafia is The Sandhill Road Venture Capital frat boy company bosses in Palo Alto, their National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) partners (Greylock Capital; Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Draper, Khosla Ventures, etc.) and the tech companies (Google, Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) they control. They are sometimes referred to as "The Deep State". They have purchased California, New York and Washington, DC politicians (mostly Senators) who they also control. The names of the worst-200 most horrific and sociopath-like members are listed in these reports. They hire dirty law firms like MoFo, Wilson Sonsini, Covington, Perkins, etc. and dirty lobbysists like McBee, Podesta, Blumenthal, etc. to do their dirty deeds.

They hire rogue ex-intelligence agents to operate Fusion GPS, Gawker/Gizmodo, Black Cube, ShareBlue, New America, In-Q-Tel, Podesta Group, Media Matters, etc. massive media attack programs against competitors, reporters and outsiders. They collude on black-lists, valuation controls, election manipulation, search engine rigging, domestic spying for political manipulation, stock rigging, insider trading, Jeffrey Epstein-like executive prostitute sex-trafficking clubs, trophy wife assignments, the bribery of politicians and worse. They are felons who bribe politicians to halt investigations and interdiction efforts.

They have quid-pro-quo stock market bribe deals with Senators Reid, Feinstein, Harris, Boxer, Spier, etc. For example, in the CleanTech Crash: Every single Dept of Energy executive, and related Senator, owns stock market assets in Tesla, Fisker, Solyndra, Ener1, etc. so they blockaded and sabotaged every applicant who competed with their holdings in a RICO-violating, felony organized crime, using taxpayer funds, in order to profit at the expense of taxpayers.

They are widely covered in news media articles as: 'sex abusers, cult enthusiasts, elitists, rapists, woman beaters, probiosis abusers, sexual work extortion operators, extremists, arrogant clones of each other, tone deaf, echo-chamber reinforcing, misogynist, racist, manipulative, insecure, covertly gay, corrupt, thieves' and other anti-social revelations. The divorce court and lawsuit federal court records on them prove that they are sex-abusing sociopaths.

They use their monopolistic control of the internet to massively and exclusively scale services that only they control and use to abuse the public's privacy, human rights, invention rights and information. They run their cartel like the old Italian Mafia once did.

Google's Larry Page, his boyfriend Elon Musk; Google's Eric Schmidt, Dave Rubin, David Drummond, Kent Walker, Jared Cohen and Sergy Brin; Political manipulators David Plouffe, Steve Westly, Steve Spinner and Vinod Khosla; Sociopath billionaires Reid Hoffman, Jeff Epstein, Tim Draper, Steve Jurvetson, etc. all order their staff and associates to: bribe politicians; operate sex trafficking for them; manipulate stock market valuations; launder money; run off-shore tax evasion schemes; black-list employees and competitors; hide, down-rank, DNS dead-hole, shadow-ban, censor and server obsfucate enemies on the entire web; rig the U.S. Patent Office; help them cheat on their wives; and engage in massive volumes of insider, illicit, RICO and anti-trust violating crimes while bribing public officials to avoid prosecution.

We demand that the FBI arrest them!"

- Tom Martin, Senior Member







Crowdsourcing is an investigative sourcing model in which our individuals and organization peers make the news, from a large, relatively open and often rapidly-evolving group of internet users; it divides work between participants to achieve a cumulative result. The word crowdsourcing itself is a portmanteau of crowd and outsourcing, and was coined in 2006.[1][2][3][4] As a mode of sourcing, crowdsourcing existed prior to the digital age (i.e. "offline").[5]

There are major differences between crowdsourcing and outsourcing. Crowdsourcing comes from a less-specific, more public group, whereas outsourcing is commissioned from a specific, named group, and includes a mix of bottom-up and top-down processes.[6][7][8] Advantages of using crowdsourcing may include improved costs, speed, quality, flexibility, scalability, or diversity.[9][10]

Some forms of crowdsourcing, such as in "idea competitions" or "innovation contests" provide ways for organizations to learn beyond the "base of minds" provided by their employees (e.g. LEGO Ideas).[11] Tedious "microtasks" performed in parallel by large, paid crowds (e.g. Amazon Mechanical Turk) are another form of crowdsourcing. It has also been used by not-for-profit organizations and to create common goods (e.g. Wikipedia).[12] The effect of user communication and the platform presentation should be taken into account when evaluating the performance of ideas in crowdsourcing contexts.[13]

Citizen science (CS; also known as community science, crowd science, crowd-sourced science, civic science, volunteer monitoring, or online citizen science) is scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur (or nonprofessional) scientists.[1] Citizen science is sometimes described as "public participation in scientific research," participatory monitoring, and participatory action research whose outcomes are often advancements in scientific research, as well as an increase in the public's understanding of science.[2][3] Based on Alexa rankings[4] iNaturalist is currently the most popular citizen science website[5] followed by eBird[6] and then Zooniverse[7] in second and third place respectively.

The term CS has multiple origins, as well as differing concepts.[8] It was first defined independently in the mid-1990s by Rick Bonney in the United States and Alan Irwin in the United Kingdom.[8][9][10] Alan Irwin, a British sociologist, defines CS as "developing concepts of scientific citizenship which foregrounds the necessity of opening up science and science policy processes to the public".[8] Irwin sought to reclaim two dimensions of the relationship between citizens and science: 1) that science should be responsive to citizens' concerns and needs; and 2) that citizens themselves could produce reliable scientific knowledge.[11] The American ornithologist Rick Bonney, unaware of Irwin's work, defined CS as projects in which nonscientists, such as amateur birdwatchers, voluntarily contributed scientific data. This describes a more limited role for citizens in scientific research than Irwin's conception of the term.[11]

The terms citizen science and citizen scientists entered the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in June 2014.[12][13] "Citizen science" is defined as "scientific work undertaken by members of the general public, often in collaboration with or under the direction of professional scientists and scientific institutions".[13] "Citizen scientist" is defined as: (a) "a scientist whose work is characterized by a sense of responsibility to serve the best interests of the wider community (now rare)"; or (b) "a member of the general public who engages in scientific work, often in collaboration with or under the direction of professional scientists and scientific institutions; an amateur scientist".[13] The first use of the term "citizen scientist" can be found in the magazine New Scientist in an article about ufology from October 1979.[14]  Maker culture and Crowdsourcing have merged to create the crowd-sourced criminal investigation of public figures and corrupt corporations

A Few Examples Of What We Do Include:


is an enterprise civic engagement platform. CitySourced provides a mobile app in order for citizens to identify and report non-emergency civic issues, such as public works, quality of life, and environmental issues. The service is part of the e-Government or gov 2.0 movement, which aims to connect government and citizens through the use of technology.



Our "STANFORD FIX" Meet-Up group is breaking the cycle of corruption at Stanford University.

"Elite arrogant asshole dynasties send their kids to Stanford University.

Stanford puts the kids in asshole frat houses to train them to get away with rape and run monopolies.

When they graduate they either go up the hill to Sandhill Road and start a venture capital clone operation or they get their frat friends on Sandhill Road to racketeer-fund their start-up or political campaign using money scammed from your parents pension funds.

They only work with their frat buddies and insiders in a tribal old boys club manner.

They steal all the technology and markets they want because they control all of the tech lawyers and politicians via bribes and revolving doors.

Stanford bosses keep all of this covered-up and covertly fund political camapigns to grease the wheels of political corruption.

They then sexually extort some Standford interns in Rosewood Hotel rooms, get the most 'trophy wife' ones pregnant, and start the cycle all over again...."



We have placed more software sensors on more server networks globally than anyone else has ever announced. When Google-Alphabet-YouTube Shadow Bans, DNS re-routes, Hides, Demonetizes, Search Manipulates, Server Table Edits, Censors, Election Rigs, SEO limits, etc; our links, we record it, document it technically and report it to every regulatory and publishing group in the world. We also compile the data into evidence for lawsuits against Google and each Google executive. Our insiders work at the deepest levels of their operation. It isn't nice to mess with Mother Nature or Freedom Of Speech. It's worse to run tax evasion, sex trafficking, dark money funds, real estate fraud and other crimes from inside Google!

Our autonomous monitoring applications are on a vast number of co-location servers, shared hosting ISP's, stand-alone servers and sites around the world and have been operating for over ten years. We log: 1.) Google's search results compared to other search engines, 2.) Google's DNS and spoofing activities, 3.) Google's results on 100 key search terms including search terms of assets, candidates and business associates connected to Google (ie: "Obama", "Elon Musk", "Election Results", etc.), 4.) Where Google sends data from users clicking on Google supplied links, 5.) Where fabricated "mole" data that was injected as user data ultimately ended up later, 6.) Google's election manipulation attempts, and other metrics. The results prove that Google abuses the market, the public, privacy rights, politics and human rights.

 Join this Team to help get the information to members of Congress, The European Union and Regulators


Project Team name: "NO STOCK FOR YOU"

California & DC politicians are being paid bribes with Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures stock and stock warrants which is never reported to the FEC; Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures search engine rigging and shadow-banning which is never reported to the FEC; Free rent; Rare-Earth mining rights; Male and female prostitutes; Cars; Dinners; Party Financing; Sports Event Tickets; Political campaign printing and mailing services "Donations"; Secret PAC Financing; Jobs in Corporations in Silicon Valley For The Family Members of Those Who Take Bribes And Those Who Take Bribes; "Consulting" contracts from McKinsey as fronted pay-off gigs; Overpriced "Speaking Engagements" which are really just pay-offs conduited for donors; Gallery art; Private jet rides and the use of Government fuel depots (ie: Google handed out NASA jet fuel to staff); Recreational drugs; Real Estate; Fake mortgages; The use of Cayman, Boca Des Tores, Swiss and related money-laundering accounts; The use of HSBC, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Deustche Bank money laundering accounts and covert stock accounts; Free spam and bulk mailing services owned by Silicon Valley corporations; Use of high tech law firms such as Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini, MoFo, Covington & Burling, etc. to conduit bribes to officials; and other means now documented by us, The FBI, the FTC, The SEC, The FEC and journalists. DEMAND COMPLETE LAWS TO MAKE ANY BENEFITS TO POLITICIANS TOTALLY ILLEGAL!


One way you can support a Project is that you can build a support site for any project on-line with free software. You can use:

- Dolphin

Dolphin is a CMS (Content Management System) software that lets you create social networks, dating sites, and web communities. It comes with video chat, recorder, video player, forums, groups, events, video messaging, emails, file sharing as well as desktop and mobile apps.

- Pligg

Pligg is a social media CMS platform that powers tens of thousands of websites. Some popular hosting providers like Hostgator and InMotion Hosting offer Pligg application so you can create a self-hosted bookmarking site like Reddit.

It specializes in creating social publishing networks, where users submit and promote content similar to sites like Digg, Reddit, and Mix.

- Jamroom

Jamroom is one of best open source social network software in 2019. You can create any type of online social network site with this application. It is available free to download, but if you want to support team helps, you need to pay.

- Elgg

Elgg is a powerful open source social networking engine and one of the most popular development platforms. It’s built to run on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) platform. It offers blogging, microblogging, file sharing, networking, groups, and numerous other features.

- Jcow

Jcow is a social networking CMS coded in PHP. This open source makes it easy and interesting to create Social Networks and online communities. You can create a website like Facebook with Jcow.

- b2evolution

b2evolution is another open source social Content Management System engine. You can use b2evolution to create photo albums, community forums, online manuals, and social network sites.

- Oxwall

Oxwall is flexible and easy to use PHP/MySQL community software platform. You can use Oxwall for a range of projects from family websites to custom social networks so you can build sites enterprise community solutions. Oxwal is the best solution for you to build a social community.

- Etano

Etano is an open source PHP Script that lets you create a social network. If you want to build a dating website or collaborative sites, Etano is good for you. It doesn’t have several unique features, but it can be suitable for a small social networking project.

- Anahita

Anahita is another social networking platform. This framework primarily used for building knowledge sharing apps and services. 

- Hotaru CMS

Hotaru CMS is an open-source, PHP platform for building your own websites. With flexible plugins and themes, you can make any website you want. The most common use of Hotaru is social bookmarking.

- LiveStreet CMS

LiveStreet CMS is one of the old open sources software that allows you to create social networks and team blogs. It offers many extensions and multilingual translations.

A note about Wordpress: While Wordpress is widely promoted it is politically controlled by Silicon Valley oligarchs who have a very specific political agenda. Wordpress censors users and sends Administrator data back to political entities. Wordpress has deleted thousands of users sites, after those users put in years of work, after those users mention an idea that Wordpress bosses were biased against. It is, thus, suggested that you avoid Wordpress.