Cronyism is still prevalent in the energy sector, and the government allocates special benefits to the well-connected instead of fostering a playing field that provides opportunity for all to compete. Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein and Jerry Brown had stock market and revolving door job benefits from the Cleantech Crash DOE funds "winners" and helped to sabotage the competitors of their friends that got handed Crony Cash. These people were supposed to be our leaders but they chose to cheat rather than compete!

These crony-exclusive subsidies obstruct the long-term success and viability of the technologies and energy sources that they are intended to promote by distorting the actual costs of energy production and interfering with the price signals by which businesses monitor supply and demand. This is clearly covered in the feature films: "Too Big To Fail" and "Omerta".

In order to keep competitors (of the California Senator's friends) from getting access to the funding, White House and Department of Energy (DOE) goons, under Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, resorted to the following vendetta and blockade tactics:

- DOE refused to follow the "First Come, First Served" rule of the funding law and moved those Applicant's who had their act together, to the back of the line when it was discovered that they were ahead of Tesla and Fisker who had lackadaisically not even filed applications. Tesla and Fisker knew they were going to just be handed the funds, without review, based on White House insider say-so. DOE then arbitrarily published an illegal rule change press release saying that the "First Come, First Served" rule was suddenly no longer in effect after DOE realized that insider Tesla and Fisker had not had their acts together and that their competitors had filed first and could get money ahead of White House favorites Fisker and Tesla.

- DOE "bottom-drawered" outsiders applications and stuck them at the bottom of a file cabinet, in Lachlan Seward's office, for months without even looking at them in order to run-out-the-clock on those who competed with campaign-finance front facades: Tesla and Fisker.

- DOE told one applicant for funding, that competed with Tesla, that DOE would not approve the loan for their 100% electric car because the applicant's car "DID NOT USE ENOUGH GASOLINE"...! or that an applicant "was not going to make enough cars from the outset"..when it is widely know that any manufacturing effort requires a ramp-up curve.

- Every, so called, 'DOE reviewer' of the DOE applications was either a direct competitor of the applicant's or had stock market holdings in Tesla, Fisker, Solyndra, etc. or later went to work for them. The review process was the most rigged, crony deal anyone ever saw.

- Insider and bribe paying Tesla Motors had hundreds of meetings and phone calls with DOE staff, many at DOE HQ, in order to hand-walk Tesla through the process and babysit their application on orders from the White House. Competing applicants received no phone calls, no meetings and no help. DOE's Carol Battershal, refused to return most phone calls from applicants who were in competition with Tesla because she was a "Tesla Fan Girl".

- DOE lawyer Cohen, refused to respond to any questions from applicants competing with Tesla, yet spent many hours helping Tesla get their paperwork configured. He was terminated for conflict issues.

- White House car czar: Steven Rattner, refused to assist or respond to any applicants and told a number of members of Congress that he was just focused on trading "votes for DOE funding with Detroit auto unions". He said that small electric car start-ups "don't offer enough vote trades to make a discussion valuable". Rattner was later indicted in New York for Stock market fraud. His indictment provided key clues that the entire Cleantech "green energy" program was about pumping stock market holdings that DOE and White House insiders controlled.

- The DOE was so overt in their sabotage efforts that Tesla's own marketing boss wrote an article about it because they were so obvious in their manipulations of an industry: https://www.wired.com/2009/12/doe-loans-stifle-innovation/

- DOE never once called, or returned calls from CEO's of the companies applying.

- One of the White House staff that communicated between agencies was caught taking pictures up girls skirts and his case was reduced because of White House intervention.

- Applicant Bright Automotive famously published a nationwide open letter confirming all of these crimes and lies by DOE

- ZAP Motors, Elio Motors, Brammo and almost every other applicant confirmed these charges.

- The GAO, Congress and yet-to-be-seen FBI documents and NSA recordings confirm all of these assertions.

- One Applicant hand delivered more written customer order letters to Congress and DOE in Washington DC than ALL of the other applicant's combined yet Lachlan Seward at DOE "lost them". The applicant re-sent them, yet the DOE office refused to review them or contact the customers that had submitted them because they proved that Tesla was faking customer order volume and other applicants were not.

- DOE staff Matt Rogers, Steve Spinner and other Steven Chu buddies, pushed onto DOE by Covington and Burling, flew back and forth to California, on the taxpayers dime, to go to parties and baseball games on the weekends, yet DOE could not find the time or resources for any in-person meetings with anyone but insider Tesla Motors. They were reported on by green energy CEO Gary D. Conley. Conley was later found with a bullet in his head behind Beale Air Force base in Northern California. Kamala Harris refused to investigate the matter when she was AG.

- Applicant XP Vehicles had applied for a loan under the DOE "LGP" program. DOE wanted a cash payment of many tens of thousands of dollars from them in order to look at that application. DOE told XP that "DOE does not have an application form so just make up your own". XP acquired an investor to fund the "review payment", which DOE maintained was not a bribe. Tesla Motors was not required to make such a payment in advance of review. Tesla only had to make the payment later, after other applicant's complained that Tesla was getting "crony insider favors". Secretary of Energy Steven Chu's top man had committed, in a recorded call, to speak to XP's outside investor's in one phone call, per the request of XP's investors to confirm that the money was being used as a DOE fee. The DOE official refused to return all calls, emails, FEDEX letters and personal messenger requests to respond. He was recorded in conversations in the next room while his secretary said he was "not in the building" and also when he told his secretary to "hang up" on the callers. The investors had become concerned that the promised reply from DOE was being blocked. After a massive number of attempts, a few minutes after the deadline to pay the "review fee" had passed, the senior official at DOE finally responded with a communication. He sent an email stating that XP had missed the deadline and was not eligible to apply. He had specifically and overtly sabotaged XP by not giving the one sentence response to XP's investors, ever!, and then waiting until the moment the deadline passed to say "HA, we f*cked you!"
In a recorded conference call and Congressional meetings, Steven Chu had offered to waive the fee, as DOE had set a precedent of doing for this with other, applicants. XP, which beat every other applicant on comparative metrics, lost millions of dollars because of the lies and machinations of DOE.

- Steven Chu's buddies at McKinsey Consulting flooded Congress and the White House with "helpful" "White Papers" that all seemed to reach the ironically similar conclusion that only Tesla Motors could be the "green company" that could solve "green energy". Raj Gupta Went to jail for rigging McKinsey and stock market manipulations. The Silicon Valley oligarchs had hired all of McKinsey to push this narrative that would only hype Tesla stock.

- DOE "Tesla Fan Boys" made up their own interpretations of applicants statements and re-wrote applicants intentions in order to create negative data for competitors of Tesla and make Tesla look better even though Tesla was: 1.) about to go bankrupt, 2.) bleeding cash, 3.) owner of the absolute worse debt ratio of any applicant, 4.) Trying to build new buildings, like Solyndra (for real estate holdings to benefit CBRE, Feinstein's husband's company), 5.) bleeding staff, 6.) operated by a sociopath drug abuser, 7.) reliant on Afghanistan war-based lithium battery mines that may never materialize, 8.) reliant on Congo cobalt mines that used child slave labor, 9.) reliant on Panasonic lithium batteries that were never intended for auto energy storage and widely documented to explode and release poison cancer-causing gas during fires, 10.) off budget PER CAR by over $100,000.00 PER CAR, 11.) in a legal dispute with all of it's founders, 12.) fully conflicted with stock ownership by DOE, White House and Senate executives, and much, much more...

- Department of Energy staff use lies, Lois Lerner-type manipulations, sabotage, third-party contracted media hit-jobs (operated by Fusion GPS, Gizmodo, Media Matters, Google, etc.), stone-walling and other dirty tricks tactics known as "Ratf*ucking", to harm and delay funding for any party who might compete with the crony insiders.

There are thousands of other hard-evidence case examples of the corruption in this case.

White House Staff including Rahm Emanual, Bill Daley, Jay Carney, Robert Gibbs, Steve Rattner, David Axelrod, John Podesta, et al; and The Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and the Chief Counsel for the United States Department of Energy Daniel Cohen and Bill Cooper were, (from 2007 forward), either financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; applicant's business adversaries, or the Senators and Department of Energy politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital search manipulation services to.

Criminal U.S. Senators coordinated and profited in these schemes. Their own family members have now supplied evidence against them. Nobody is allowed to "win" government funds unless they are friends and stock market partners with certain U.S. Senators.

Even if your application metrics beat every single other competing Applicant, you will get lied to and defrauded by Department of Energy and White House officials. You will be told that you have a "fair chance", but all of the money is secretly hard-wired to a business partner of a Pelosi or Feinstein and you will just waste your time, staff resources and payroll waiting for years on promised funds that will never come.

Applicants were DEFRAUDED out of their life savings, their investors savings and years of their lives by the U.S. Government. The feds knew that the money was hard-wired to Fisker, Tesla and the crony insiders but they induced the other applicants to apply under false pretenses. They used the outsider applicants as a cover-up for their pass-through crony payola schemes to pay off Silicon Valley tech oligarchs for funding the Obama and Pelosi political campaigns and internet search rigging.

The White House, at the time, and the Department of Energy engaged in FELONY, ORGANIZED CRIME payola, worked with  Jeffrey Epstein and his gang and operated massive stock market manipulation. The highest levels of law enforcement, including Eric Holder and James Comey, helped cover it up!

When the government plays favorites, valuable resources shift to less productive uses.

Removing the cronyism and corporate welfare that are pervasive in energy markets is no easy feat. The current administration’s attempt to rescind unused funds in the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program provides a good case study.

In handing out only five loans, the program has wasted taxpayer dollars by subsidizing economic losers (Fisker) and has promoted corporate welfare by subsidizing well-off companies (Nissan and Ford). Tesla Motors was clearly awarded government funds based on bribes and cover-ups of its failed finances and deadly engineering defects. Additionally, Tesla acts as a campaign funding conduit to Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein's election drives. The program has $4.3 billion remaining but has been idle for more than eight years without a new loan administered by the department. Funds still left in that account should be given to the victims of the failed crony payola Cleantech Crash.

The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 authorizes the President to rescind funding previously enacted into law, and the White House appropriately offered a $15 billion rescissions package that included the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program. The government owes the defrauded applicants their damages and that money should come from the $4.3 billion still sitting around at DOE

The Pelosi Special Interests have, so far, prevailed, and the program remains in place. A DOJ lawsuit is needed to expose the scam and shut down these crimes against the public. In the mean time, that money must be used to compensate those harmed, damaged, sabotaged and defrauded by DOE. No company will ever get that money again without a global crowd-sourced public FBI-class investigation being conducted against them. That money, must, therefore, be used to make up for the quantified past crimes and harms against the non-crony Applicant's!

Therefor, the State of California and The Agencies Of The U.S. Government should consider this a legal 'Demand For Payment' and assume that collection proceedings shall be forthcoming! READ MORE: Garnishee Notice - Sani.pdf






Every major federal investigator and intelligence officer has confirmed these facts. Many of them PROVIDED this evidence. Congressional hearings have also proven these facts. We can prove these facts in any equitable jury trial. Everyone has heard of Mossack Fonseca and the Panama Papers but there are 187+ other crooked CPA firms that Diane Feinstein, Elon Musk, Nancy Pelosi, Larry Page, John Doerr, Steve Westly, Reid Hoffman, et al, use with even dirtier secrets about stock market rigging and money laundering. Jeffrey Epstein's polito-mafia corruptions and perversions are the heart-and-soul of the Cartel that these people operate. The investigators at every federal agency now have this proof IN HAND and we expect prosecutions of the criminals or resignations of any officials running the cover-ups.