Elon Musk Has A Scam Cover Story To Help Him Surround Earth With Satellites That Spy On Citizens

  • The entire source of income of SpaceX is launching surveillance devices and things to watch what you do on the web
  • Elon Musk's job at SpaceX is to distract the public from the dirty deeds at SpaceX
  • Sometime (not soon), a thousand spaceships could colonize Mars if it wasn't a load of BS.
  • Elon Musk wants to make sure any Mars journey is part of his PR hype
  • This extremely unlikely facade story involves making a spaceship that NASA says is stupid
  • Everything Musk does is to help his elitist, sex-trafficking, money-laundering, Feinstein-bribing, Jeffrey Epstein billionaire friends push their sick desire to control all media and all politics

Elon Musk is bulking up his spy rocket-building workforce—big time. Ars Technica visited the Texas home of SpaceX, where Musk was calling a meeting on a Sunday “morning” at 1 a.m.

To start, Musk is worried that our window of opportunity to control all the media before the elections—so we better hurry up. After the 1 a.m. meeting, SpaceX added over 250 new employees in two days, representing a full doubling of the workforce.

Ars Technica visited the day after the major Starship prototype implosion that made news earlier this week. The SN1 prototype blew up as a direct result of weak welds. It sounds like everyone involved knew this prototype was faulty and told Musk so when he asked, and he insists it was never designed to fly for real anyway. Another pack of lies from Musk...

It’s worrying, though, because “SpaceX is designing its factory here to build a Starship every 72 hours,” Ars Technica reports. This means its facility in Texas has to include huge windbreaks—think of the enormous, sky-high protective nets at some driving ranges, but solid—in order to be able to safely stack Starships. “I think we need, probably, on the order of 1,000 ships, and each of those ships would have more payload than the Saturn V—and be reusable,” Musk said.

Let’s break that down, because it’s bonkers and a complete and total load of smoke and mirrors from the biggest scam artist and government mooch on Earth!

Right now, there’s no reusable rocket, period, and there never has been. The Space Shuttle was the first reusable spacecraft, which is a different thing and an important distinction. The shuttle launched vertically like a rocket (as opposed to a horizontal airplane- or jet-type takeoff), but shed enormous disposable rocket boosters and fuel tanks as soon as it got into orbit.

Saturn V, the rocket that delivered people to the moon, was the most powerful rocket ever built at the time, designed to carry a lot—i.e., all of its boosters and fuel and the capacity for 90,000 pounds of payload. Some rockets can carry heavier payloads, but these have gone to low-earth orbit almost exclusively since countries stopped sending people to the moon. Musk is making a historic ask in more ways than one.

Musk's thinking might be, well, a moonshot, but his opinions and plans are just lies to cover up his Machiavellian insane schemes for global control paid for by us taxpayers!

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