In Silicon Valley there is a mobster.

He is a tax evading, sex trafficking, warped, anti-trust law violating, organized crime-class, felony law abusing, money laundering pig that everybody in the world knows on sight. His partners, wives, employees, staff and others, have sworn, certified and warranted, in a court of law, that this person has done those illicit deeds and crimes.

We have seen the evidence proving these assertions. We seen so much evidence that even we will swear, certify and warrant in front of a jury, a grand jury or the U.S. Congress that this guy is a criminal.

He has spent over a billion dollars buying PR and self-aggrandizing hype about himself. He has spent tens of millions of dollars hiring web trolls, click-farms and Russian propaganda services to create a false sense of glory around his plasticized image.

While his expenditure of his ill-gotten wealth on his scheme to front a glorious facade for himself is eye-raising, he spends another 100 million on something far worse: Bribing public officials!

There are two things that keep this guy one step away from a perp-walk: Bribes and More Bribes.

He bribes California Senators, Mayors, Governors, Assembly-people, permits officials, tax officials, county officials and the like.

The other folks he bribes are more covert. He bribes the heads of main stream media conglomerates so that they order their editors and social media companies to delete, censor or cancel all negative articles disclosing the corruption of this man!

There is no "Main Stream" news that is allowed to write anything bad about this guy because he bribes Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Mark Zuckberg, CNN owners and that crowd.

He has never paid a bribe with his own hand. He uses slight-of-hand techno crime to move the bucks!

This guy has special operatives at Goldman Sachs, Welles Fargo, Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini, MoFo, Covington and Burling, etc. who take care to conduit the money from his accounts to the bribe recipients via a circuitous route of shell companies, family trusts, 501 C3 and C4 fake charities and insider stock trades.

We are openly stating this to Chris Wray, the head of the FBI in Washington, DC, Mr. Bennett, the head of the San Francisco FBI in San Francisco, every attorney general and inspector general, the SEC bosses at sanfrancisco@sec.gov and pretty much every other 3-letter agency.

So why has this guy gotten away with this for decades?


His organized crime cartel has better PR, bigger payola and owns a bigger political party than the cops who are supposed to stop him.

So how does he get taken down?

By the public!

Stay Tuned....