The Senator’s Lie: How California's Political Pretexts Work


By Deborah Lewis – St. Louis Digital News


When corrupt politicians want to rape the taxpayers and put your taxes in their pockets they create what is known as a “pretext”

Here are some common political “pretexts”:

“Hate Speech” = We thought we controlled the news but now thepublic has found out about our crimes so we need this excuse to help Google, Twitter and Facebook censor any news about our crimes

“Black Lives Matter” = The DNC needs to get Blacks to voteDemocrat so they can swell the voter rolls so that Dianne Feinstein and her husband can steal more money in crony DNC deals

“Open Borders” = The DNC needs to get Browns to vote Democrat sothey can swell the voter rolls so that Dianne Feinstein and her husband can steal more money in crony DNC deals and Mark Zuckerbergneeds this cheap labor

“Reduce Regulations” = Bankers want to do whatever they want andso to hell with the public

There are many Political Pretexts under way currently, but the onethat has cost American taxpayers the most money is the “War on Terror’. That is a six trillion dollar loss to date with anexpenditure of $250 million per day. U.S. Senators make stock market profits off of it! It is followed closely by the “War on Drugs”.These two wars may have stopped some bad things but the federal budget folks call most of that money a “loss”. The only winnerswere the Senators who put the stock market profits from those efforts in their families bank accounts and trust funds.

The biggest, most criminally corrupt pretext in history is called the“Green Cash Crash”. The highest level politicians from Washington, DC, New York, Nevada, California and Vermont joined acabal which raped the taxpayers of their rights, their money, their companies, their votes, and their jobs under the guise of “saving Polar bears”.

The Green Cash Crash was put together by Silicon Valley billionairesand the politicians that they had in their pockets: Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Steven Chu, Matt Rogers, JerryBrown, Ken Alex, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and that gang of political prostitutes. These corrupt politicians put theGreen Cash scam together and put billions of dollars of profit in their bank accounts from it. The taxpayers LOST billions of dollarsfrom it!

The "Paradise Papers Leaks", The "Panama Papers Leaks"and Congressional investigations now prove these assertions to be true!

These politicians pocketed billions of dollars in personal stockmarket, search rigging and cash profits while causing their constituents to lose billions of dollars to their monopolisticCartel. They controlled the cover-up by using their ownership of the main stream news, Hollywood and Google/Facebook/Twitter’s lock-upof the internet.

CBS News 60 Minutes TV Show did some segments about how their scamworked. The segments were called “The Lobbyists Playbook”, “Congress Trading on Insider Information” and “The Cleantech Crash”. When you watch all 3 of these segments on the CBS website, one after the other, you will be sickened by theaudacious criminal culture that these politicians have built for themselves.

In 2006 these politicians decided that they could control who wouldbe President by using Google/Facebook/Twitter to manipulate Obama and then Clinton into office. As we all now know, Obama and Clinton hadmade some dirty mining deals with Russians, worth trillions of dollars, and they promised the exclusives on those deals to SiliconValley’s billionaire owners of Google/Facebook/Twitter/Tesla/Solyndra, etc.

The pretext that the Obama and Clinton insiders had agreed to wasthat “everybody will die from Earthquakes and 1000 foot high walls of water if we don’t change the climate”. You have now seen proof in the news that government scientists were ordered tomake up data that would sell this story in order to put cash in these politicians pockets.

You have now seen proof in the news that Obama and Clinton’spersonal friends were the only ones who were ever allowed to receive the government cash that would stop this fictional 1000 foot highwall of water.

Thousands of companies offered solutions to stop the apocalypse of“sad Polar bears” and “water walls”, but, for some strange and ironic reason, the only ones that ever got funding to save thosePolar bears happened to be the best friends of the politicians. In an even more ironic turn of events, the handful of companies that gotthe money to save the Polar bears (ie: Tesla, Solyndra, Abound, Ener1, Fisker) just happened to have their stock owned by those verysame politicians. In an even stranger coincidence, many of these politicians had been doing business with Russian mobsters!

Isn’t that the most amazing coincidence in history?

To be crystal clear: Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Al Gore, HarryReid, Steven Chu, Matt Rogers, Jerry Brown, Ken Alex, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and that gang of politicalprostitutes made up a story about an emergency that never existed so that they could take billions of your tax dollars and put it in theirown pockets.

They used a “magic mirror” trick. They said “Look over here at me waving my hands to save this cute Polar bear...” “...youwouldn’t question saving a cute Polar bear would you?” ...and, as they pathetically waved their hands on one side of the mirror,they passed your money to their friends and stock-brokers on the other side of the mirror, where you could not see it being done.

These people are criminal whores who lied to you and stole your moneyand your America.

Demand that they be arrested!









Demand that they be arrested!