How The Silicon Valley Tech Oligarchs Are Causing Riots And Social Unrest For Profit


Acronym, Crowdstrike, Google, Black Cube and 100 other businesses sell social death, riots and character assassination.

Computerized video analysis of the signs, demographics and social networks of the attendees and blog writers behind the recent riots proves it.

These special interest groups use A massive computerized artificial intelligence systems to harvest all commercial emails, every second of every day, with massive computerized systems from Palantir and Oracle to look for ANY phrase that can be misinterpreted to be "offensive". They then target that person for election2020 "points". That is why all the riots happened at the same time. The tech billionaires are messing with opinions posted online for vote advantages.

Every phrase uttered by Donald Trump, in every moment of every day, is computer process and semantically analyzed by a mega-thesaurus set of computers financed by Reid Hoffman, Larry Page, Sergy Brin, Elon Musk, Dustin Moskovitz, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Spinner, Steve Westly, Vinod Khosla, Andy Bechtolsheim, Brian Goncher, John Denniston, Cheryl Sandberg, David Drummond, Andy Rubin, David Plouffe, Tim Draper, Gilman Louie, Ira Ehrenpreis, Tim Cook, Jerry Brown, Richard Blum, James Breyer, John Podesta, Joe Lonsdale, John Doerr, Keith Rabois, Marc Andreesen, George Soros, Mario Rosatti, Martin LaGod, Michael Moritz, Viktor Vekselberg, Larry Summers, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer, Steve Jurvetson, Steve Rattner, and that gang known as "The Silicon Valley Mafia".

They don't do these tech dirty tricks out of altruism. They do it exclusively because their billions depend entirely on who controls American politics!

The news media has revealed that all financial contributions made to Black Lives Matter go directly to Joe Biden. Neither Biden nor ANY of the Silicon Valley Mafia are black. This is just more public policy manipulation for profit. This has caused the bloggers to comment: "BLM stands for Biden Loves Money",.

The tech oligarchs don't care who is President as long as that President does what they say. Who tells Eric Schmidt and Reid Hoffman what to tell the President of the United States to do? Goldman Sachs! All of the Silicon Valley Mafia have many Goldman Sachs accounts and that is how the billions flow to them. They primarily hate Trump because he won't do what they say. A large percentage of the Silicon Valley Mafia are homosexual and they don't like the fact that they don't get special homosexual favors from the current administration. The Silicon Valley Mafia wants cheap immigrants for their factories and click-farms, so they don't like the Trump Administration because it won't allow millions of cheap immigrants in. The Silicon Valley Mafia billionaires bought and control all of the electric car and "green energy" companies so they want exclusives from the government that they got from Obama but don't get from Trump.

Nothing that the Silicon Valley Mafia does it for altruism or to do a "good deed". It is for good greed!

CEO's, Mayor's and well known folks are in their jobs one day and then they resign the next day because Acronym, Google, Crowdstrike, Black Cube 2 and hit-job companies ran computerized "REACTION-WARE" attacks on their emails, faxes and phones to make it look like the whole world had just turned on them. Their bosses get flooded with letters and calls too.

In most cases, though, it is just a handful of spike haired tattooed college kids in a loft in NY and a warehouse in SOMA, San Francisco, running the whole flood of "Reaction-ware" against them.

10 kids can take out any Mayor, CEO or executive in 48 hours with computerized reaction-ware and the Acronym servers. The "flood of negative public reaction" is just a server and a disgruntled college kid financed by Eric Schmidt!