In the old days, The U.S. Government killed hundreds of thousands of coyotes because ranchers lobbied them to do so. Today, there are more coyotes than ever. How did that happen? On a nice full moon you hear coyotes howling, right? What they are doing is operating a status check signal system to tell the other coyotes how many of them there are. If there are less coyotes howling than the last time, then that tells all the packs: "Make more coyotes". Breed!

Our system does that. Our system automatically replicates itself on any available server-space it finds in the world. It always "Coyote Pings" all of the nodes around the world and if it finds nodes have been attacked, it tells the network: "Make more mirror nodes". Breed!

We use peer-to-peer server-free mesh networking combined with traditional server networking. You can copy what we do and do it yourself, add server space on your system for our public use and emulate the process.

We taught, and continue to teach, every citizen how to break, destroy, expose and blockade every corrupt politician and their financiers from ever profiting from their covert payola accounts. We encourage you to read the public manuals about how you can use FBI, Interpol, CIA and NSA technologies, 100% legally, to destroy every corrupt political scheme. You will learn how to find every account that every family member and friend of a corrupt person has.

How many nodes and copies of this site exist? We don't know! The software was placed on the internet in 2008 with orders to self-replicate and grow forever. How many citizens work on this? We don't know. All participation is anonymous and false-fronted. To input anything just post your material anywhere on the public web with the related code-words in the metatags. Our bots will find it. Use torrents if you wish, and break your materials up into odd-size torrent segments for our Draw-string technology to pull back together. You can use the U.S. Courts filing system, Reddit/Voat posts, archives, etc. Just put your evidence material up in any common file format.

To understand all of the processes of political corruption, we monitored a select set of U.S. Senators for many decades. We documented all of their covert payola schemes and used that learning to monitor other politicians. We use the open source databases from organizations like CERN, and others, to compare data. We use AI to hunt each of the targets through all of their various shell corporations, fake charities, family trust facades and PACs. To understand what comparative analytical AI can do, read the later sections of Edward Snowden's book: Permanent Record. You will see how we hunted the dirty deeds of Google's top executives faster than even state sponsored regulators were able to do it using computerized forensics and whistle-blower leads. The AI studies are backed up by human crowd-sourced forensics to corroborate the criminology efforts.

To end political corruption we all have to work together to expose all of the covert payola; who sends it and who gets it!