Every time that one of us dies under mysterious circumstances, the public and our allies will increase the pain, investigations, and doxing of every politician and their campaign financiers by a magnitude, or more!


In Memory of:


Rajeev Motwani

Gary D. Conley

Seth Rich

David Bird

Doug Bourn

Misti Epstein

Joshua Brown

Kenneth Bellando

Moritz Erhardt

Kate Matrosova

David Drye

Vincent Foster

Kathy Ferguson

Duane Garrett

Eric S. Fox

Judi Gibbs

Berta Caceres

Suzanne Coleman

L.J. Davis

John Hillyer

Stanley Huggins

Sandy Hume

Shawn Lucas

Gary Johnson

John Jones

John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Stephen Ivens

Mary 'Caity' Mahoney

Eric Butera

Danny Casolara

John Ashe

Tony Moser

Larry Nichols

Joseph Rago

Ron Brown

Bob Simon

Don Adams

Peter Smith

Victor Thorn

Lori Klausutis

Gareth Williams

Daphne Caruana Galizia

James D Johnston

Dave Goldberg

Loretta Fuddy

Paul Wilcher

Gary Webb

Beranton J. Whisenant Jr

Stanley Meyer

Jon Parnell Walker

Tyler Drumheller

Barnaby Jack

Dominic Di-Natale

Barbara Wise

Ilya Zhitomirskiy

Jeff Joe Black

Robin Copeland

John Wheeler

Ashley Turton

Michael Hastings

Antonin Scalia

David Koschman

David Werner

Alex Okrent

Kam Kuwata

Larry Frankel


And hundreds more...




- Rajeev Motwani taught Google how to Google. Suddenly, in perfect health, he was found floating face-down, dead, in his Silicon Valley swimming pool. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk.

- Gary D. Conley was the CleanTech competitor to, and whistle-blower on, the suspects. He was suddenly found with a bullet in his head behind Beale Air Force base. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk.

- Google programmer Forrest Hayes, who worked on Google search engine rigging, was suddenly found dead with the story that “he was overdosed by a Google hooker on his sex yacht”.

- Google associate and Tesla Investments founder Ravi Kumar was aslso killed by a hooker.

- Deep Google investor VC liason and husband of Facebook executive Cheryl Sandberg was suddenly found dead with a hole is his head. The “official” story is that he was the first person in history to be killed by his treadmill.

- David Bird was the Wall Street Journal energy reporter who was working on a story that involved Cleantech energy connections of some of the suspects. He was working on a story about who controlled the modern energy industry and cleantech.He went for a walk and was found a long time later, dead, floating in a pond. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk.

- One Mr. Breitbart was a famous blogger, who railed on the web about the political manipulations of the suspects. Suddenly, he had a "heart attack" in his shower and died. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk on the blogs.

- Mr. Slym , with Tata Motors was involved in a car deal with some of the suspects for one of the biggest Indian auto-makers. Suddenly he was a stain on the sidewalk, accomplished by his fall from the top of a skyscraper hotel. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk.

- Doug Bourn, The senior electrical engineer at Tesla (Google's covert partner), Andrew Ingram of Palo Alto, a top systems electrical engineer at Tesla; and Brian M. Finn the senior manager of interactive electronics, at Tesla, had deep knowledge of financial misdeeds and technical cover-ups at Tesla Motors. They were key parts of the Tesla operation. For some reason, they all got into a private airplane, in perfect health, and then the airplane plowed into the ground, killing all three at once. It helps certain people that they can no longer talk. They wrote, and helped describe, in Tesla's own federal patent filings, the fact that Tesla's batteries would kill you, maim you and/or burn your house down. Tesla did not realize this when they paid the federal patent filing fees. When Tesla, later realized this, they were forced to give all of their patents away for free. These three senior engineers had deep inside knowledge of the Tesla Motors operations. Their aircraft suffered an "Engineering failure".

The above individuals had absolute knowledge of this case and some of them were known to have been whistle-blowers in this case.

All of these people (now over 50+ people) were in top health, had lots of money and were not likely to have died when they did. Then they died, suddenly and suspiciously, under bizarre circumstances. They were all connected to the suspects. Over 50 investment bankers connected to the suspects and their Goldman Sach's finance group are also suddenly dead under bizarre circumstances.

The tactics that the Department of Energy and Obama White House staff have practiced, so far, are to LIE, DENY, DEFLECT, DELETE and DIVERT. History has proven that those tactics didn't work for them. Now it is time for DOE and the Feds to pay the damages.