New Gawker’s Only Two Full-Time Writers Just Quit in Protest After Realizing Gawker Is Now Even A Bigger Pile Of Shit Than Ever



It seems NEW Gawker just hit another snag with its reboot: the website’s only two full-time reporters have now quit in protest of site’s editorial director, Carson Griffith. founder Bryan Goldberg hired Griffith to help resurrect the old news and gossip site, but as Mediaite previously noted, much of Gawker’s old staff is unimpressed. According to The Daily Beast, New Gawker’s only two full-time writers, former Vanity Fair writer Maya Kosoff and former Cosmopolitan writer Anna Breslaw, have decided to leave the site after concerns about Griffith fell on deaf ears with human resources.

Kosoff told the Beast she informed HR that Griffith once forwarded her an chain email showing her friends boasting that they knew the penis size of a prominent businessman. Kosof and Breslaw also expressed concern about several of Griffith’s past tweets, and told the Beast Griffith made some concerning comments about poor people, black writers and non-binary individuals.

Griffith’s old tweets — in which she expressed support for President Donald Trump and disdain for her maid — were unearthed by Splinter News in a brutal piece about the new site.

“We’re disappointed it ended this way, but we can’t continue to work under someone who is antithetical to our sensibility and journalistic ethics, or for an employer who refuses to listen to the women who work for him when it’s inconvenient,” Kosof and Breslaw said in a joint statement.

Bustle told Kosoff and Breslaw that Griffith would remain in her role, and the two writers refused the organization’s offer to be moved to other sites or accept severance packages in exchange for non-disparagement agreements. When reached for comment, a New Gawker spokesperson told the Beast: “We take all claims seriously and will continue to review.”

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