Silicon Valley's Kleiner Perkins Ran One Of The Teen Sex Outposts For Tech Sex Cult


Former Kleiner partner and Reddit CEO, Ellen Pao, along with other Silicon Valley insiders, have revealed the teen sex cult that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell operated was alive and well at major venture capital outfits.

What kinds of sick people are these pervert perpetrators?:

- The perpetrators operate a massive and abusive national sex cult. The perverts in the SandHill Road Venture Capital offices, located between Highway 280 down to to Santa Cruz Avenue on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, California, are the main perpetrators of this global cartel. Their executives at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Linkedin, Twitter, and their related holdings, comprise the rest. The Harvey Weinstein and Ed Buck sex scandals are well known. These men's sex cult actions have been widely covered in the news individually in the Joe Lonsdale rape case, The Kleiner Perkins Ellen Pao sex abuse lawsuit, The Eric Schmidt sex penthouse stories, The Jeffrey Epstein case, The Google Forrest Hayes hooker murder case, The Andy Rubin sex slave case, The Sergy Brin 3-way sex romp scandal, The British Hydrant investigation, The Elon Musk Steve Jurvetson billionaire sex parties scandals,The NXIVM sexual slave cases, The Michael Goguen anal sex slave trial, The Tom Perkins Hooker Parties and thousands of other cases and federal divorce court filings. This group of people have proven themselves, over and over, to be sociopath control freaks not fit for participation in public commerce, public policy or media control. The Four Seasons Hotel and Rosewood Hotels in Silicon Valley are estimated to engage in over $30,000.00 of high-end escort sex trafficking per day, a portion of it managed by Eastern Bloc Mafia operators. The Elon Musk sex perversions are the tip of the iceberg. At least 10 Ukrainian escorts fly in and out of SFO and SJO airports every week for these Cartel members. Google boss David Drummond engaged in horrible philandering sexual violations of his wife yet Google covers up every story about it on the web. Google's Eric Schmidt is under massive investigation. You hear about the female victims of this sex cult but you rarely hear about the young male victims. One of their vast numbers of prostitutes is quoted as saying that the girls and boys are paid "not just for sex but for the oligarch's endless need to feel that they can control anyone for any reason...". Multiple attorney general's controlled by their cartel, ie: Eric Schneiderman and Eliot Spitzer , are involved this these sex rings. These are the main influencers of a national political party and they are all involved in horrific sex perversions and abuses!

“Oh My God, This Is So F---ed Up”: Inside Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side

Some of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley are regulars at exclusive, drug-fueled, sex-laced parties—gatherings they describe not as scandalous, or even secret, but as a bold, unconventional lifestyle choice. Yet, while the guys get laid, the women get screwed. In an adaptation from her new book, Brotopia, Emily Chang exposes the tired and toxic dynamic at play.
Romans of the Decadence  by Thomas Couture as updated to parody Silicon Valleys maledominated sexual and sexist culture.
Romans of the Decadence (1847), by Thomas Couture, as updated to parody Silicon Valley’s male-dominated sexual and sexist culture.Photo Illustration by Darrow.

When I ask Founder X whether these men are taking advantage of women by feeding them inhibition-melting drugs at sex parties, he replies that,on the contrary, it’s women who are taking advantage of him and his tribe, preying on them for their money.

On their way up to a potential multi-million-dollar payout, some younger founders report, more and more women seem to become mysteriouslyattracted to them no matter how awkward, uncool, or un­at­trac­tive they may be.

However many founder hounders exist, the idea of these women lives large in the minds of Silicon Valley founders, who often trade stories aboutwomen they’ve dated. As Founder X puts it, “We’ll say whether some girl is a fucking gold digger or not, so we know who to avoid.”

When I tell her this, Ava, a young female entrepreneur, rolls her eyes. According to Ava, who asked me to disguise her real identity and hasdated several founders, it’s the men, not the women, who seem obsessed with displays of wealth and privilege. She tells of being flown toexotic locations, put up in fancy hotels, and other ways rich men have used their money to woo her. Backing up Ava’s view are the profiles onefinds on dating apps where men routinely brag about their tech jobs or start-ups. In their online profiles, men are all but saying, “Hello,would you like to come up to my loft and see my stock options?”

In Ava’s experience, however, once men like this land a woman, they are quick to throw her back. After a few extravagant dates, Ava says, shewill initiate a conversation about where the tryst is going. The men then end things, several using the same explanation. “They say, ‘I’mstill catching up. I lost my virginity when I was 25,’ ” Ava tells me. “And I’ll say, ‘Well, you’re 33 now, are we all caught up yet?’ In anyother context, [these fancy dates] would be romantic, but instead it’s charged because no one would fuck them in high school. . . . Ihonestly think what they want is a do-over because women wouldn’t bone them until now.”

Ava’s jaundiced view of newly wealthy moguls would be funny if their gold-digger obsession didn’t mask something serious. The claim of beingstalked by women often becomes an excuse used by some tech stars to justify their own predatory behavior.

What that adds up to is a great deal of ego at play. “It’s awesome,” says Founder X. At work, he explains, “you’re well funded. You haverelative traction.” Outside work, “why do I have to compromise? Why do I have to get married? Why do I have to be exclusive? If you’ve got acouple girls interested in you, you can set the terms and say, ‘This is what I want.’ You can say, ‘I’m happy to date you, but I’m notexclusive.’ These are becoming table stakes for guys who couldn’t get a girl in high school.”

Furthermore, these elite founders, C.E.O.’s, and V.C.’s see themselves as more influential than most hot-shit bankers, actors, and athleteswill ever be. “We have more cachet than a random rich dude because we make products that touch a lot of people,” says Founder X. “You make amovie, and people watch it for a weekend. You make a product, and it touches people’s lives for years.”

With famous actors and athletes wanting to get into the tech game, it’s no surprise that some in the Valley have a high opinion of theirattractiveness and what they should expect or deserve in terms of their sex lives. In the Valley, this expectation is often passed off asenlightened—a contribution to the evolution of human behavior.

For many women who describe it, however, it’s a new immaturity—sexist behavior dressed up with a lot of highfalutin talk—that reinforcestraditional power structures, demeans women, and boosts some of the biggest male egos in history: just another manifestation of Brotopia.




When I spoke about Silicon Valley’s sex parties—specifically those where women vastly outnumber men—with Elisabeth Sheff, aChattanooga-based writer and professor who has spent two dec­ades researching open relationships, her reaction was heated: “That’sexploitation. That’s old-school, fucked-up masculine arrogance and borderline prostitution,” she said. “The men don’t have to prostitutethemselves, because they have the money. . . . ‘I should be able to have sex with a woman because I’m a rich guy.’ That is not even oneparticle progressive; that is the same tired bullshit. It’s trying to blend the new and keeping the old attitudes, and those old attitudes arebased in patriarchy, so they come at the expense of women.”

Jennifer Russell, who runs the established Camp Mystic at Burning Man, is more sympathetic. “Men and women are equally drawn to creating astructure that invites their full sexual expression, and events like this are a safe place to dabble,” she says. “It’s way better than aswingers’ club would feel because this is at a home and you are surrounded by people you know.”

Married V.C. admits, however, that for many men these parties aren’t so much about self-expression as they are about simply sport fucking.“Some guys will whip out their phones and show off the trophy gallery of girls they’ve hooked up with,” he says. “Maybe this is behaviorthat happened on Wall Street all the time, but in a way they owned it. These founders do this, but try not to own it. They talk about diversityon one side of their mouth, but on the other side they say all of this shit.”

The New Paradigm for Women Getting Screwed

For successful women in Silicon Valley, the drug-and-sex-party scene is a minefield to navigate. This isn’t a matter of Bay Area tech womenbeing more prudish than most; I doubt recent history has ever seen a cohort of women more adventurous or less restrained in exploring sexualboundaries. The problem is that the culture of sexual adventurism now permeating Silicon Valley tends to be more consequential for women thanfor men, particularly as it relates to their careers in tech.

Take multi-time entrepreneur Esther Crawford, who is familiar with sex parties (specifically those with an equal gender ratio and strict rulesaround consent) and talks openly about her sexual experiments and open relationships. For four years, she had been in a non-monogamous (theysay “monogamish”) relationship with Chris Messina, a former Google and Uber employee best known for inventing the hashtag. More recently,Crawford and Messina have started a company together called Molly—perhaps not un-coincidentally the same name as the drug—wherethey are developing a “nonjudgmental (artificially intelligent) friend who will support your path to more self-awareness.” They also chose tobecome monogamous for a while; seeing other people was getting too complicated. “The future of relationships is not just with humans butA.I. characters,” Crawford told me. By December 2017, they had raised $1.5 million for their new company. In the meantime, Crawford isacutely aware of the harsh reality that as a female entrepreneur she faces so many challenges that men don’t. What she has found is that, fora woman, pushing private sexual boundaries comes with a price.

When Crawford was raising funds for her second company, a social-media app called Glmps, she went to dinner with an angel investor at a hiprestaurant on San Francisco’s Valencia Street. At the end of the meal, he handed her a check for $20,000, then immediately tried to kiss her.“I certainly wasn’t coming on to him,” she asserts. “I kind of leaned back, and he ordered me an Uber, and I was like, ‘I gotta go home.’ ”Crawford thinks it’s likely that this particular investor knew about her sexual openness and found it difficult to think of her simply as anentrepreneur rather than as a potential hookup. This encounter is an example of a unique penalty women face if they choose to participate inthe “we’re all cool about sex” scene.

Ava was working as an executive assistant at Google when she ran into her married boss at a bondage club in San Francisco. He was getting ablow job from a woman strapped to a spanking bench who was being entered by another man from behind. Ava and her boss, an engineer, locked eyesbut didn’t exchange a word and never spoke of the encounter again. However, a few months later, at a Google off-site event, another marriedmale colleague approached her. “He hits on me, and I was like, What are you doing? Don’t touch me. Who are you again? He was like, I know whoyou are. The other guys said you like all this stuff.” Someone had outed Ava. She quit working at Google shortly thereafter. “The trustworks one way,” Ava says. “The stigma for a woman to do it is so much higher. I’m supposed to be in this industry where everyone is open andaccepting, but as a woman the punishment is so much more unknown.”

Crawford can’t even count the number of men who’ve told her how lucky she is to have so many eligible men to date in the male-dominated techscene. “Of all the privileges in the world, that is not the one I would choose,” she says fiercely. “I’d choose equal pay for equal work. I’dchoose having better access to capital and power. I’d choose not being passed over for promotions. I’d choose not having to worry about beingin the 23.1 percent of undergraduate college women who get sexually assaulted. I’d choose not being slut-shamed if I do opt to explore mysexuality.”

Married V.C. admits he might decline to hire or fund a woman he’s come across within his sex-partying tribe. “If it’s a friend of a friend oryou’ve seen them half-naked at Burning Man, all these ties come into play,” he says. “Those things do happen. It’s making San Franciscofeel really small and insular because everybody’s dated everybody.” Men actually get business done at sex parties and strip clubs. But whenwomen put themselves in these situations, they risk losing credibility and respect.

The women who do say yes to these parties rarely see a big business payoff. “There is a desire to be included and invited to these kinds ofthings and sometimes it felt like it was productive to go and you could get ahead faster by cultivating relationships in this way,” one femaletech worker told me. “Over time, I realized that it’s false advertising and it’s not something women should think is a way to get ahead. It’svery risky—once you’re in that circle, once you decide you want to play the game, you can’t back out. If you really believe that’s going toget you to a serious place in your career, that’s delusion.”

Another female entrepreneur described the unfair power dynamic that’s created. “There is this undercurrent of a feeling like you’reprostituting yourself in order to get ahead because, let’s be real, if you’re dating someone powerful, it can open doors for you. And that’swhat women who make the calculation to play the game want, but they don’t know all the risks associated with it,” she said. “If you doparticipate in these sex parties, don’t ever think about starting a company or having someone invest in you. Those doors get shut. But ifyou don’t participate, you’re shut out. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

It hearkens back to those popular 1980s teen movies which tell the “heartwarming” story of a glasses-wearing nerd who is transformed intothe cool, funny kid who gets all the hot chicks. But we’re not living a teenage dream. Great companies don’t spring magically to life when anerd gets laid three times in a row. Great companies are built in the office, with hard work put in by a team. The problem is that weekendviews of women as sex pawns and founder hounders can’t help but affect weekday views of women as colleagues, entrepreneurs, and peers.

Adapted from Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley, by Emily Chang, to be published on February 6, 2018, by Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random HouseLLC; © 2018 by the author.

Ellen Pao Says Tech Firm Invited Ghislaine Maxwell To A Party After Reports She Had Supplied ‘Girls For Sex’

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Ellen Pao, former partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, said Monday that her former employer knew of reports that Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly supplied underage girls for sex to Jeffrey Epstein, but invited her to a 2011 holiday party anyway.

The former Reddit CEO and activist who filed an unsuccessful discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins in 2012, tweeted Monday that Maxwell attended the 2011 party, but a company spokeswoman denied that the Epstein confidant was there, or even invited.

Kleiner Perkins spokeswoman Allie Cefalo told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the firm does “not have any record of Ghislaine Maxwell being invited to a Kleiner Perkins holiday party,” and said company does not have any record that Maxwell attended the party. (RELATED: Epstein’s Ponzi Scheme Partner Says Ghislaine Maxwell Will ‘Crack In Two Seconds’ And Cooperate With Feds)

“She was at the Kleiner holiday party in 2011, but I had no desire to meet her much less have my photo taken with her,” Pao said in her Monday tweet. “We knew about her supplying underage girls for sex, but I guess that was fine with the ‘cool’ people who managed the tightly controlled guest list.”

Pao, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, has since made her account private.

“To be clear, the press had described her as supplying underage girls for sex, but she had not been charged so I guess it would be more accurate to say we ‘suspected’ v ‘knew,'” Pao added in a later tweet.


When Twitter user said that it seemed Pao was fine with Maxwell attending the party, Pao tweeted in response: “Of course I wasn’t. But I was a junior partner on the outside of the inner circle, and what I said made no difference here and in many other decisions.”

Maxwell was arrested at 8:30 am Thursday morning in Bradford, New Hampshire, and a grand jury has indicted her on charges of conspiracy to entice minors to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors for illegal sex acts, transportation of a minor to engage in illegal sex acts, and perjury.