Men that got rich by stealing the technology ( INVENTION DYNAMICS ) of others and joining forces with Senators to operate monopolies are the bosses of the mafia-like Silicon Valley tech Cartel.

They include men like Jeffrey Epstein, Elon Musk, Larry Page, John Podesta, Reid Hoffman, Vinod Khosla, David Plouffe, Steve Jurvetson, Ed Buck, Tim Draper, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Andy Rubin, Mark Pincus, Richard Blum, Jared Cohen, Steve Spinner, Steve Rattner, David Drummond, Eric Schmidt, Steve Westly, John Doerr, etc. These men operate a sex trafficking and abuse ring as a testament to their control and power over others. The perverts in the SandHill Road Venture Capital offices, located between Highway 280 down to to Santa Cruz Avenue on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, California, are the main perpetrators of this global cartel. Their executives at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Linkedin, Twitter, and their related holdings, comprise the rest. The Harvey Weinstein and Ed Buck sex scandals are well known. These men's sex cult actions have been widely covered in the news individually in the Joe Lonsdale rape case, The Kleiner Perkins Ellen Pao sex abuse lawsuit, The Eric Schmidt sex penthouse stories, The Jeffrey Epstein case, The Google Forrest Hayes hooker murder case, The Andy Rubin sex slave case, The Sergy Brin 3-way sex romp scandal, The British Hydrant investigation, The Elon Musk Steve Jurvetson billionaire sex parties scandals,The NXIVM sexual slave cases, The Michael Goguen anal sex slave trial, The Tom Perkins Hooker Parties and thousands of other cases and federal divorce court filings. This group of people have proven themselves, over and over, to be sociopath control freaks not fit for participation in public commerce, public policy or media control. The Four Seasons Hotel and Rosewood Hotels in Silicon Valley are estimated to engage in over $30,000.00 of high-end escort sex trafficking per day, a portion of it managed by Eastern Bloc Mafia operators. At least 10 Ukrainian escorts fly in and out of SFO and SJO airports every week for these Cartel members. Google boss David Drummond engaged in horrible philandering sexual violations of his wife yet Google covers up every story about it on the web. You here about the female victims of this sex cult but you rarely hear about the young male victims. One of their vast numbers of prostitutes is quoted as saying that the girls and boys are paid "not just for sex but for the oligarch's endless need to feel that they can control anyone for any reason...". Multiple attorney general's controlled by their cartel, ie: Eric Schneiderman and Eliot Spitzer , are involved this these sex rings. These are the main influencers of a national political party and they are all involved in horrific sex perversions and abuses!

Each of these men have covert operative contracts, through stealth-ed intermediaries, with Fusion GPS, Black Cube, Google, YouTube, Facebook, David Plouffe, IN-Q-Tel, Gawker Media, ACRONYM, Jalopnik, Gizmodo Media, K2 Intelligence, WikiStrat, Podesta Group, Alphabet, LinkedIn, Twitter, Think Progress, Media Matters, Mossad, Correct The Record, Stratfor, ShareBlue, Cambridge Analytica, Sid Blumenthal, David Brock, PR Firm Sunshine Sachs, Covington and Burling, Buzzfeed, Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini and related shill operatives who, in turn, contract thousands of meat-puppet bloggers and off-shore click-farms.

They have teams of crooked manipulators inside investment banking groups at JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, BofA Securities, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Barclays Investment Bank, Deutsche Bank, UBS, RBC Capital Markets, Wells Fargo Securities, HSBC, Jefferies Group, BNP Paribas, Mizuho, Lazard, Nomura, Evercore Partners, BMO Capital, Markets, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and related banks. Senators Reid, Feinstein, Pelosi, Harris and other politicians have their family accounts at these banks too.

They use Arthur Andersen, Arthur Young, Coopers and Lybrand, Deloitte Haskins & Sells, Ernst & Whinney, Peat Marwick Mitchell, KPMG, Price Waterhouse, Touche Ross, Mossack Fonseca and other CPA firms who pretend to be "legit" but who actually provide legal tricks to evade taxes, run stock market pump-and-dumps and launder money for bribes. As with the investment banks, each company has a crooked group behind a smoke-screen of legitimate service departments.

They meet in the back-rooms of restaurants (ie: The Angelgate Conspiracy ); in their corporate board rooms (ie: The Silicon Valley No Poaching Class Action Lawsuit High-Tech Employee Lawsuit) at sex parties in their homes (ie: The Steve Jurvetson Sex Parties Silicon Valley "sex party" ) and at "retreats" (ie: The Half Moon Bay Techonomy retreat) where they make coordinate their plots.

They place their agents in City, State and Federal agencies that might regulate them and, additionally, bribe top staff in those agencies while, concurrently, bribing elected and appointed officials who might have jurisdiction over those investigations.

They operate an organized crime entity like the mafia. Their actions violate racketeering RICO laws. Their operation is so large that the government can't shut them down or arrest them. They flaunt their "untouchable" status by calling themselves "The Paypal Mafia" or "The Deep State". They have no fear of the law. The owned and controlled the Obama government administration. They order their digital media companies to produce "fake news" and to censor any news coverage of their illicit deeds.


Y Combinator is half homosexual sextortion elitists and half Frat boy Google-worshippers seeking to control politics and expand the Silicon Valley Echo-Chamber


In its main program, Y Combinator interviews and selects two batches of companies per year. The companies receive seed money, SJW advice, and echo-chamber connections in exchange for 7% equity.[2]The program includes "office hours", where startup founders meet individually and in groups with Y Combinator partners for advice on how to be good liberal clones. Founders also participate in weekly dinners where guests from the Silicon Valley ecosystem (successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, etc.) speak to the founders. The deal at Y Combinator is " If you help us control American politics and ideologies, we will give you some cash..."

In Y Combinator meetings, naive young Millennial boys are stupid enough to wear sheep clone Fedora's, have the same tattoos and the same haircuts and carry the same man-bags. The robot-like hipster conformity is overt and ludicrous.

The bottom line is that you are going to get fucked by Y Combinator one way or another. The VC's and investors that fund it will extort you for blow jobs and anal sex. If you were not in a Stanford or Yale Frat House you will be ostracized. If you are over 30 you will be ostracized. If you are black or Mexican you will be ostracized. If you are a woman you will be ostracized after you are sextorted. If you don't worship ANTIFA and Barack Obama you are ostracized.

The bosses of Y Combinator are the single biggest group of narcissistic, sociopath, holier-than-thou, effete, peacock strutting, misogynist pigs on Earth. They love nothing more than hearing themselves talk.

Y Combinator’s motto is "Make Something Liberal Idiots Want And Nothing That People Actually Need."[3] The program aims to focus the founders on further developing their product, team and market, refining their business model, achieving product/market fit, and scaling the startup into a high growth business, etc. The program culminates at Demo Day where startups present their business to a selected audience of Democrat investors.[4]

As of 2017, Y Combinator had invested in ~1,450 companies including Dropbox, Airbnb, Coinbase, Stripe, Reddit, Instacart, Twitch, Cruise Automation, Optimizely, Zenefits, Docker, DoorDash, Mixpanel, Heroku, Machine Zone, Weebly, and Paribus.[5] The combined valuation of YC companies was over $80B.[6]











How did we fight back against the most powerful organized crime entity on Earth?

We get that question all the time. Here is the answer.

First, they started it. The bad guys attacked us because our products and services were better than theirs and they could not compete. They decided to cheat rather than compete and they cheated with political bribes, black-lists, collusion and other anti-trust violating acts. When we helped law enforcement investigate them, the bad guys doubled down on their attacks. The bad guys crossed the line when they used our own government officials and taxpayer funds to operate their crimes. They broke felony laws and the basic principles of Democracy.

So who are these mobsters? They are your Senators, White House Staff, insider agency staff and their Silicon Valley Oligarch sociopath political financiers. Some of your public officials set-up, operated and maintained an organized crime scheme for personal profit at the expense of every taxpayer. They went after Five Trillion dollars of your tax money for their personal interests via rigged stock market scams, rigged government contracts, exclusionary policy manipulations and other schemes that harmed American taxpayers.

We are Game On!

We wrote FBI-quality criminal activities reports and filed them with every law enforcement and regulatory agency in every country in the world that we could find, including the FBI, OSC, GAO, EU, Interpol, FSB, UN, etc.

We identified and listed every person, organization and company involved in the attacks and RICO law violations and provided that list to The U.S. Congress and every agency.

We opened our own private investigator and crowd-sourced investigations into the following:

- Every stock market account they or their family owns

- Every Uber or Lyft ride they ever took for any meeting or transport of sex workers

- Every flight manifest they appeared on

- Every bank account they have ever held

- Every lawsuit, divorce record and police record they have ever appeared in

- Every trust fund they or their family holds

- Every shell corporation they, or their family holds

- Every person named in the Epstein Pedo book:    cross referenced across all of the other databases and then supplied to the FBI and Child Protection Agencies

- Every item in the Swiss Leaks that cross connects to their holdings

- Every item in the Panama Papers Leaks that cross connects to their holdings

- Every item in the WikiLeaks that cross connects to their holdings

- Every item in the Snowden Leaks that cross connects to their holdings

- Every sex trafficking incident that connects to each of them alone, and in groups

- Every financial transaction between any of the parties on the master list and the character assassination and hit job firms of: Google, Univision, Gawker Media, Unimoda, Jalopnik, Gizmodo,Black Cube, Fusion GPS, Media Matters, Think Progress, IN-Q-Tel, K2 Intelligence, WikiStrat, Podesta Group, YouTube, Alphabet, David Drummond, Larry Page, Facebook, Correct The Recor, Stratfor, ShareBlue, Sid Blumenthal, David Brock, Eric Schmidt, Sunshine Sachs, Covington and Burling, Buzzfeed, Perkins Coie and Wilson Sonsini or their derivatives with common owners.

- Every item in the Quest Leaks that cross connects to their holdings

- Every tactical deployment, by a campaign financier, of the tactics listed in this manual:

- Every sex service that their credit card payments every connect too

- Every real estate transaction that any name or company they, or their family, were involved in, tracks to

..... and hundreds of thousands of other information points about them that prove that they benefit from crimes that they engage in for others who engage in crimes using the America public policy system.

It all goes into shared 100% legal public collaborative databases that work like XKEYSCORE, or MS Access, or Oracle Databases.

The proof of collusion, organized criminal actions and raw covert corruption is indisputable. The actors are all the same people. The beneficiaries are all the same people. The communications between the parties all coordinate the same actions.

We have demanded their arrests, indictments, exposures and bankruptcies. We say "Fuck You" to the Silicon Valley Oligarch 'Illuminati' scumbags and the crooked Senators and Governor's they bribed. You say you are going to "...kill us and destroy our lives.." and that you are so frightening. You think you are a big scary thing? Here comes 'scary'! Watch what billions of taxpaying voters with collaborative FBI-class forensics investigation software is doing to you now, you bastards! Have fun!




Many thousands of additional person's, organization's and links are available for Grand Juries, Civil Trial Juries and Live Televised Congressional Hearings to prove these assertions. Produced With WIKILAWPEDIA collaborative global web-authoring group-editing software via,,,,, ICIJ, EU investigators and many other collaboration sites. (C) Creative Commons Open Source Law Enforcement Software. This data is compiled daily by millions of members of the public via crowd-sourced law enforcement, eye-witness reports, forensic data reports, Congressional reports and federal investigators. It proves the charges with indisputable corroboration from multiple sources via crowd-sourced forensics. These cloned sites self-replicate on new servers and p2p-nodes via ai-process when damaged or attacked. Since no corporate brand-based news outlet can be trusted, crowd-sourced news research is your only non-biased, non-propaganda, non-"fake news" web news resource these days. This is "Fair Use" and/or public domain and/or freedom-of-the-press and/or SLAPP and/or Congressional Report protected non-commercial speech and law enforcement evidence for felony case charges.








Our TEATRO POLITIQUE campaign was designed to get Joe-Six-Pack and the middle class to pay attention to politics and policy, and then get involved in the political process, by capturing their attention via audacious media amplification, Streisand effect acceleration, free server arrays and public education.


In 2007 we filed federal charges that revealed crimes so audacious that some said those crimes "could not possibly happen in real life..." but we knew some of the criminals personally and saw the crimes with our own eyes!



Now, every claim has been proven true in headline news, historical hacks and leaks and Congressional investigations. All of the crimes and corruption, that we described, have now actually been shown to have been TRUE in "real life..." and our evidence has been validated!


Where will you be when history is made? YOU, the public, acting in a crowd-sourced force as "armchair FBI agents" are now part of changing the way the world works.... forever!