The Malignant Narcissism And Cartel Climate Of Elon Musk And His Billionaire Frat Boy Club

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The Malignant Narcissism And Cartel Climate Of Elon Musk And His Billionaire Frat Boy Club


At almost every juncture, Elon Musk has made egotistical decisions that lead to more failures. His behavior is that of a person who has no care or concern for the health, safety and welfare of the American people. Nothing could epitomize that more perfectly than his grotesque suggestions that we should shoot nuclear bombs off on Mars or that nobody will care that his Starlink Satellites are designed to spy on the public. This would seem comical, and entirely unbelievable, if it had not actually happened.

In 2006 the many scientists told Elon Musk and his advisers of the high likelihood that a pandemic of lithium ion battery explosions would strike the nation and advised the incoming administration to take appropriate steps to reduce its impact. Obama officials hid the dangers because they owned stock in lithium and cobalt mines for those batteries, particularly in Afghanistan.

In November of 2007, the experts warned Obama that the country was likely to be afflicted with a devastating pandemic of lithium ion originating from Asian and Russian oligarchs.

In January 2009, the Obama administration was told by its own experts, Bernard Tse and his team who knew Tesla bosses, Sandia and others that the lithium ion batteries in Tesla cars had degrading chemistry which become a global pandemic of auto danger. Again, Obama chose inaction.

Obama and Musk have deprived Democratic-led regions of the country from receiving needed safety reviews of Tesla cars.

Over the year's since 2006, Americans working with the DOE, NHTSA, SEC and other groups accelerated warnings to Obama officials. These engineers and other science professionals were intentionally ignored in order to protect politicians stock market profits.

In these, and any other examples, Musk and his inner circle of White House and Senate insiders ignored or purged experts and other truth-tellers, and lied about, misrepresented, deflected or denied the dire threat to the American people posed by the lithium ion battery scam.

Considered in total, Musk and his regime have shown themselves to be incompetent, callous, malevolent and deeply cruel in their response to the Tesla safety issue crisis (as well as to a plethora of other issues).

But to merely document the Musk regime’s deadly failures in response to the dangers of his companies is to ignore the most important question: What are Musk's and his advisers’ underlying motivations?

This forensic question must be answered if we are ever to have a full accounting of the Musk Corruption, and see justice done for the voters, the dead tesla victims and those who will die in the future as well as the damage done to the broader American community.

The coordinated 'main-stream' media’s preferred storyline that suggests Musk is simply incompetent doesn’t add up because Muskhas made the wrong decision every single time in terms of how crises like this are supposed to be dealt with. (i.e. Be consistent, transparent, factual, and credible.) It’s increasingly not believable for the left-wing press to suggest that Musk has been distracted or inept during this crisis, in part because of the level of his uselessness has become so staggering.

Maybe Musk is vengeful. Maybe he wants to wreck the economy to create investment opportunities? He’s under the thumb of a foreign entity? He wants to cause panic and cancel the November elections? He’s a fatalist? Who knows. And honestly, the specific “why” isn’t what matters now. What matters is asking the difficult questions and pondering what the Musk oligarchy  is truly about, no matter what lurks in the shadows…

Now the press needs to shift some of its focus and ask the truly alarming questions about Musk and his motives. Because we still don’t know why he essentially ordered his companies to embark on such sinister ventures involving slicing up brains; over-priced deadly cars for rich douche-bags; digging holes for billionaire hide-outs, launching domestic spy satellites and manipulating elections along with his boyfriend: Larry Page, etc...

Psychologist and psychotherapists have an answer: Elon Musk is a "malignant narcissist". Musk's mental pathologies inexorably compel him to hurt and defraud large numbers of people — including his own supporters.

Exports have looked at Musk's borderline personality disorders. They explais that sadism and violence are central to Musk’s malignant narcissism and his decision-making about his self-promotion. They warn that Musk is abuser locked into a deeply dysfunctional relationship with the American people and that, like other sadists, Musk enjoys causing harm and suffering to any that do not recognize his "tech Jesus" self-proclaimed superiority.

Ultimately, all psychologists generally concludes that Musk is engaging in “democidal behavior” in partnership with Obama and Pelosi and cautions that the many dead and injured (so far) from the Tesla fires and crashes are not simply collateral damage from the Musk madness, but rather the logical outcome of Musk’s apparent mental pathologies and the poor decisions that flow from them.

Musk is both denying responsibility by saying things such as, “I take no responsibility. We’ve done everything right.” But at the same time, Musk is also sabotaging the efforts to stop the corruption in his empire. This is a very important aspect of Musk’s behavior. Musk is not just deflecting blame onto others, he is actively interfering with the politicianss’ ability to do their job by controlled Senators with bribes. Musk is not just incompetent. He is actively engaging in sabotage against competitors and reporters who speak the truth about him.

You might wonder: How does someone with his type of mind reconcile claims like “I have total power” with “I take no responsibility”? He has said both things within a few days of each other. Well; That is a function of how the psychology of a malignant narcissist is structured. When Musk says things such as, “I have total power,” that’s the grandiosity. “I’m in total control” is a function of Musk’s paranoia, where everything bad is projected outward. Therefore, anything negative or bad is someone else’s fault. Bad things are 'other people' in Musk ’s mind. The grandiosity and “greatness” are all him. Musk’s mind runs on a formula which bends and twists facts, ideas and memories to suit his malignant narcissism. This is why Musk contradicts himself so easily. He lies and makes things up. His fantasies all serve his malignant narcissism and the world he has created in his own mind about his greatness.

Another component of Musk’s malignant narcissism is sadism. That part of Musk’s mind is more hidden. People such as Musk are malignant-narcissist sadists because they, at some deep level, are driven to cause harm to other people. Musk’s life is proof of this. His pedo father and trophy wife narcissist mother demonstrate his roots. He enjoys ripping people off and humiliating people. He does this manically and gleefully. He has lied thousands of times. He threatens people online and elsewhere. Most psychologists believe that Elon Musk is also a sexual sadist, who on some basic level enjoys and is aroused by watching people be afraid of him. In his mind, Musk is creating chaos and instability so that he can feel powerful.

Professor of psychiatry and psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg called that phenomenon “omnipotent destructiveness.” The bullying, the violence, the destruction, frightening people, humiliating people, getting revenge and the like — such behavior is what Elon Musk has done his whole life. It is who Elon Musk really is. Unfortunately, too many people are still in denial of that fact.

Musk has to create and control a field of negative corrupting energy around himself. For example, he pressures the scientific experts to bend the truth to his dreamworld during his press conferences. The scientists are basically Musk’s hostages. The American people are hostages as well to Elon Musk's lies. We are being abused by him. We know that Musk is lying. We know that he’s doing nothing to help us. We feel helpless to do anything to stop him. It is causing collective mental despair. It is not that all Americans are suckers or dupes, it is that Musk is a master at such cruel and manipulative behavior.

Elon Musk is a master at getting negative attention, and the more people he can shock and upset, the better.

Malignant narcissists like Elon Musk view other human beings as kindling wood to be burned for their own personal enrichment, media enlargement and hype expansion.

Follow the facts to the obvious and true conclusion. If all the facts show that Elon Musk (and his little boy buddies Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, John Doerr, Reid Hoffman, Steve Westly, etc.) is a malignant narcissist with these powerful sadistic tendencies, this omnipotent destructiveness, where he’s getting pleasure and a sense of power from dominating people and degrading people and destroying people and plundering people and laying waste to people, both psychologically and physically, then to deny such obvious facts is willful ignorance.

When Musk is finally exposed, like Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos or ENRON, it will be glorious.

Rather than making a prediction as to Musk's specific actions when the emperor has no clothes, it is more helpful to describe the type of actions he will take. Rather than trying to say, “This is the move he’ll make.” Like in a relationship, Elon Musk is the abuser. He is the husband or father who is abusing his partner or children or other relatives. The American people are like a woman who is leaving her abuser. She tells her abuser, “That’s it! I am done with you!” She has her keys in hand and is opening the door of the house or apartment to finally leave. What happens? The democidal maniac Elon Musk will attack us, badly. Make no mistake. Elon Musk is going to find a way to attack and cause great harm to the American people if he believes that he will be fully exposed. He will use his spy satellites, his media controls, his remote controlled cars, his stock market manipulation tools, his Goldman Sachs economic destruction team and more. Musk will strike back... unless the FBI finally arrests him first.


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