Why everyone hates the big tech oligarchs and elitists from the Bay Area:

They cheat on their taxes at the expense of our public schools, firemen and nurses salaries. Their business tax evasion schemes are bigger than Al Capone's was. Their off-shore money laundering keeps half of the Cayman Islands in business.

They each have either a mistress, gay-sex rent boys, tons of hookers, are cheating on their spouse or all of the above.

They lie about who actually created their tech company and steal the credit from their workers or those they copied their technology from.

They bribe local and state politicians and own most of the mid-California Senator's like dogs-on-a-leash.

They talk co-eds from Stanford University into becoming escorts and ruin the lives of those girls forever.

When they went to Stanford University they used to date-rape girls in organized rape-culture schemes organized with the help of Stanford frat houses.

They each have a fake 501C scam "charity" to hide their money in and keep their trophy wives occupied while they are screwing their interns and nannies at the Rosewood Hotel.

They are almost all alcoholics and addicted to drugs and not one of them can pass a full-panel drug test.

They pay bribes to get their snot-nose kids into Stanford where those kids sign up for some BS diploma, that nobody will ever hire them for, but they want it because it sounds good in coffee houses, where they all sit like clones with the exact same lip and nose ring and the exact same tattoos.

They are narcissists and sociopaths like Elon Musk and Tim Draper and come from dynastic asshole parents who promote such behavior (ie: Elon Musk's trophy wife racist mother and his incest promoting father who got his sister pregnant.)

They hire Wilson Sonsini, Mossack Fonseca, Black Cube, Fusion GPS and other lobbyists, lawyers and staff, who are actual criminals, that do their dirty work behind the scenes.

They hate anyone who is black or brown unless they are working in their gardens.

They abuses their staff. Their Stanford frat house boy culture left them all with latent homosexual angst.

They treat women like tools, trophies and "baby ovens" and beat women. The divorce court filings in the pacer.gov database prove that 90% of them are sick, twisted, animals.

They all wear the same khaki pants because they want to appear "humble" and hang out in little sports bar groups because they cannot exist without 6 other asshole guys standing next to them reinforcing their misogyny.

They date rape OKCupid and Match.com girls using Ruffies, Turbo-Oxytocin sprays, Scopalomine and tweaked LSD that only they can afford.

They buy more stuff than they can afford leverage themselves out  because outward appearances is all that they live for. They are entirely focused on superficial appearances and virtue-signaling pretensions like the espose at TED conferences, Burning Man self-indulgence rituals and stupid "Singularity Events".

They always fake and exaggerated "mugging" facial expressions and reactions when interacting in public.

They won't do business with anyone outside of the Yale/Stanford frat-boy circuit cartel and run an active Black-List to stop people they don't like from getting hired or funded!

They were trained by asshole parents to be an asshole.

They are easily brainwashed by the mainstream media.

They only get married for the "optics" so that they will superficially fit into their frat boy social bubble.

They feel compelled to join exclusionary "mens clubs".

They moved some of their venture capital offices from Palo Alto's rape factory on Sandhill Road to South Of Market San Francisco but they then turned San Francisco into an even bigger shit-hole.

They buy a virtue-signaling over-priced exploding Tesla to make up for their feelings of sexual inadequacy and to say that they are rich but care about a tree, except they don't.