U.S. Senators and Silicon Valley tech oligarchs are running a massive felony-class organized crime scam with your tax dollars and coordinated stock market manipulations!

Criminal Politics: An Integrated Approach to the Study of Organized Crime, Politics, and Violence


Over the last decade, organized criminal violence has reached unprecedented levels and has caused as much violent death globally as direct armed conflict. Nonetheless, the study of organized crime in political science remains limited because these organizations and their violence are not viewed as political. Building on recent innovations in the study of armed conflict, I argue that organized criminal violence should no longer be segregated from related forms of organized violence and incorporated within the political violence literature. While criminal organizations do not seek to replace or break away from the state, they have increasingly engaged in the politics of the state through the accumulation of the means of violence itself. Like other non-state armed groups, they have developed variously collaborative and competitive relationships with the state that have produced heightened levels of violence in many contexts and allowed these organizations to gather significant political authority. I propose a simple conceptual typology for incorporating the study of these organizations into the political violence literature and suggest several areas of future inquiry that will illuminate the relationship between violence and politics more generally.





Would you be shocked to discover that Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Jerry Brown are at the top of an organized crime operation that they and their families operate?

They all seem "so nice" and committed to green crunchy granola things but if you look at all of their covert bank accounts and track the money back to the sources, you can clearly see mobster activity.

U.S. Senators have told us that they will "kill our company" if we continue to compete with their stock holdings!... and they DID!