"...We have been hunting down and terminating every single person that tried to destroy us with political hit-jobs and media attacks. Citizens, FBI agents, ex-CIA officers, activist billionaires and journalists help us do it. Our methods and tactics are 100% legal. There is nowhere on Earth they can hide; not even in Congress. We primarily use only one weapon...................... THE TRUTH!"


We proved...

We proved that Department of Energy and White House officials lied through their teeth hundreds of times in order to benefit their crony friends and campaign financiers and sabotage their competitors. It was proven in thousands of news reports, documentaries, FBI reports, Congressional investigations, leaked documents, insider reports and our own eye-witness testimony.

We proved all of our assertions of corruption, stock-market manipulation, monopoly, industry gate-keeping, character assassination, revolving-door job payola at Silicon Valley tech companies, tax evasion and more.

We proved that EVERY SINGLE reviewer and government official involved with our applications was insider trading in the stock market against us. They were getting paid to destroy our financial future.

We proved, via investigators and law enforcement peers, that no official can ind any past reviewers of this case who were not hand-picked by our business adversaries. In other words, we would like the Congress to provide any evidence that our case has been fairly reviewed in the past. Our FBI-class associates have not found a single entity in our case reviews or determinations who was not either: financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; one of those business adversaries, or the Senators and Department of Energy politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital services to. From 2008 forward, The White House and The Department Of Energy were controlled by the Silicon Valley tech oligarchs! That is a violation of the law, the Constitution and the American Way and we have proved that.

The whiner political mouth-piece shills in the PR offices of some of these agencies used to cry out: "There's no proof". We have proven them to be liars!


The AI forensics of the FBI, Clearview, Yandex, NSA and thousands of other robotic investigation tools have been chugging away for years accruing all of the key connections, bank accounts, financial records, phone calls, payments to hookers and more. The journalists have produced thousands of hours of proof videos and tens of millions of pages of news reports. We have acquired vast amounts of eye-witness proof. Congress has published a huge number of reports proving our charges. The FBI, SEC and FTC have huge numbers of reports proving our charges. Millions of pages of leaked documents prove the charges. Your own staff whistle-blowers prove the charges!

We are delighted to prove it all again, broadcast globally. We can prove it in a live public Congressional hearing broadcast on the internet if we are provided with commensurate legal resources as required by law and the Constitution.

Let's dance mother f**kers! You created a crime empire and used it against us and against America. We are destroying you, one disclosure at a time until you deliver the justice and damages compensation we demanded!