London Breed will be sworn in  -
the first woman Black Mayor -
San Francisco has ever had.

With London Breed will being sworn in as the Mayor of San Francisco - today, July 11. 2018.

That is until, her SHORT term ends - in 14 months - serving the remaining term of her sordid, predecessor - Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - one of the most corrupt Mayors - ever to step foot in Room 200 - at City Hall.


London Breed will be sworn in 
by Gavin Newsom - a former corrupt Mayor of SF.


Here is Gavin Newsom at his best -
those pandering to him -
do the same - behind close doors -
more when it comes to morals, ethics, more standards
that matter -  birds of a feather flock together.

London Breeed will be sworn in by Gavin Newsom - another crooked Mayor - scum of the Earth.


Today's ceremony has been put together -
by the clown above -
he is ready - on the sidelines - to make his money -
plenty of it - as he has all these many years -
a former Black " thug ' - mayor of SF.

The details of today's ceremony - have been orchestrated by none other - than Willie L. Brown Jr - a Black " thug " Mayor - that has his tentacles - and sticky fingers - in every single pie.  Wheeling and dealing - cheating, lying, thieving comes to him - naturally.


San Francisco deserves better -
it is so sad - that this City and County of 
San Francisco - has chosen to have as its Mayor -
a very inept, corrupt, selfish, uncouth - Mayor -
in London Breed. Time will tell.
A recent poll of the people - clearly points to some very serious issues facing our once great City and County of San Francisco.
Homelessness, lack of sound housing, severe congestion on our streets, safety - more of the same - London Breed has been talking a good talk - but there has been NO walk.
It is difficult to teach an old dog - new tricks.
Chairperson of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe -
the First People of San Francisco -
Chairperson made it clear where this City was 
heading to - Chairing the SF Board of Supervisors -
London Breed - she heard what the Chairperson had to say -
loud and clear.
This land we call San Francisco - every square inch belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - it was stolen - by the "strangers " - more those that talk with a " forked tongue ".
The Muwekma Ohlone lived here for over 13,000 years.
The event above came about when two SF Supervisors - David Campos and Eric L. Mar - honored the Chairperson - with a commendation.
This land has been here for a long time - once there were many hills - as many as 52 hills - most of them demolished to build homes.

Muwekma Warrior
As far as I know the only segment of the population here in San Francisco, the Bay area - the OHLONE - have lived here for over 13,000 years - YES - thirteen thousands years.
On many of the hills - here in San Francisco - were the remains of the OHLONE - called Shell Mounds - Sacred remains of Ohlone.
When the hills were demolished - the Sacred Remains - were desecrated. BLACKS  who are indebted to the Native Americans.
Blacks - please pay attention - do not bite the hand that fed you - that protected your ancestors - when you fled away from " slavery " and took refuge with the Native American Tribes.
The Shell Mounds served as acupuncture point on this Earth.
Those of us that are keen and keep our hearts clean - know what this means - we cannot and will not compromise - spirituality and respect for the Elders - matters, foremost.
The politicians know about the Muwekma Ohlone - but they prefer not to talk about the First People - and therein lies the crux - of the problem.
For some years we have tents - poor people living in them - the many tents removed -
without giving those living in them notice -
more seniors - who are left to fend for themselves.
Hundreds dying a slow death - other lying in the 
brand new Morgue - in the SF Bayview -
their remains waiting to be claimed.
Our Chairperson Rosemary Cambara -
spoke about the homelessness - and caring for all -
in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone -
and this matter to us all - I represent the 
Muwekma Ohlone - more on Quality of Life issues.
London Breed - did not lift a finger -
as President of the SF Board of Supervisors -
to help Iris Canada - she was over 100 years old -
evicted from her home - illegally -
treated with disdain - she died despondent.
I personally know these JOKERS - political pimps and whores - and leading the charge today - are two political whores Malia Cohen and London Breed. 
Both of them are watched carefully by Law Enforcement.
Sad to say the SF City Attorney, the SF District Attorney, the SF Controller - have been lenient - to these political whores - who think they can play with " fire ' - but not for long.
Seniors form over - one third of San Francisco's population - which is about 830,000.
We should not have one single Senior sleeping on our streets -we have thousands.
We should not have families - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - we have thousands.
Our homeless population numbers - about 12,000 persons.
Why should the Mayor, the City Administrator, others make more than $300,000 - some as much as $375,000 with benefits - all tax payers money - and fail to represent the tax payers - more the citizens of San Francisco?
We have a $11 Billion budget - right now - the mostly - Black sell outs - are out there -  waiting in line - for the dole.
Francisco Da Costa
I represent the Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.
San Franciscans must form - focused groups - where those that care for our families - father, mother, children - supportive members - take control of our lives.
Right now we have those that follow some strange life styles - invading our neighborhoods supported by London Breed and Malia Cohen for sure - this nonsense must STOP.
There is no way we can work together - when these crooked politicians more political whores - their heart in the wrong places - think - they can take us for a wild ride.
Democracy is for all the people - with each citizen respected.
It is all about respect.
You fuck with us - and we will reciprocate - you may not like it - but fuck it - we have taken your shit for the longest time. 
We cannot work - with crooks and those that think their shit don' stink. Let us keep it real.

Three devils and a kingmaker: Why London Breed is no longer mayor

London Breed suffered for her connections with Ron Conway. Photo: Pax Ahimsa Gethen

In the October 2015 Marina Times, I wrote a column about tech-investing billionaire Ron Conway’s influence over Mayor Ed Lee (“Project Political Runway: In Mayor Lee’s regime, if you’re not in with Ron Conway, you’re out”). I noted that in 2012 Conway and his cronies spent nearly $180,000 to help elect District 5 supervisor London Breed, and $104,000 against her opponent. The morning the issue hit the newsstands I received an e-mail from Breed in which she distanced herself not only from Conway, but from the mayor himself. Breed said she won on her own merits as an African American woman raised by her grandmother in San Francisco public housing, and she didn’t need their money or their support. The problem is, she didn’t turn down their money or their support in 2012, so no matter how many times she says it doesn’t influence her decision-making, there’s a whole bunch of people who don’t believe her.

That was certainly the case on Tuesday, Jan. 23, when the Board of Supervisors chose District 2 Supervisor Mark Farrell to serve the rest of Lee’s term over interim Mayor Breed, who, as board president, immediately ascended to the position when Lee died of a heart attack Dec. 12. Of course Breed’s supporters immediately started shouting charges of racism, even accusing the board of reviving Jim Crow right there in chambers. But Breed’s ouster had nothing to do with her race and everything to do with a potent cocktail of Conway, too many jobs, an unfair advantage, and the new kingmaker of City Hall.


Before then-mayor Gavin Newsom left for Sacramento to become California’s lieutenant governor in 2010, he joined forces with Conway and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown to conjure up a deal giving them a voice in city politics for years to come. Numerous stories abound of back-table dinners where the power brokers sat like three devils on the meek shoulders of Ed Lee, then the city’s chief administrator, cajoling him to serve the rest of Newsom’s term as a “caretaker mayor.” The plan worked. Once in office, Lee realized he liked the gig and — though he vowed he wouldn’t — ran for a full term. I remember wandering around the Civic Center farmer’s market with Lee as he campaigned. He introduced me to some of the vendors, who obviously knew him and liked him. It was here with the people that Lee seemed most comfortable, but when I began asking questions about his plans for the city’s future, Lee stiffened up. His answers were robotic, seemingly coached. When I looked at the weak field of competitors, however, it became clear the Marina Times would endorse Lee — the only newspaper to do so, and a decision I often regretted.

The night Lee was elected, he left a voicemail thanking me for writing the article. “I can’t tell you how many people mentioned it to me,” he said. “I know it really helped, and I just wanted to thank you.” As his tenure wore on, it became blatantly obvious that, while Lee was a kind and decent man, he wasn’t a very good mayor. Lee was a puppet for the three devils on his shoulders, giving tax breaks to tech start-ups backed by Conway, pushing to build on the waterfront as Newsom wanted, and working to elect candidates from Brown’s stable — including Breed, who got her start in politics working as an intern for Brown’s Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services.


As far as I’m concerned, Breed was fooling herself to think she could preside over the board, be the mayor, run for mayor, and represent troubled District 5, where I have lived for 30 years. If you’ve been to the Haight lately, which is still overrun with violent, drugged-out street thugs, or to McDonald’s in the Western Addition, where a visit to the drive-through can get you caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting, you know why I say it’s troubled. Breed can’t take care of her own district, never mind the entire city.

Then there’s the question of whether she’s even qualified to be mayor. Her supporters constantly point out she’s a San Francisco native. Why they think that makes her more qualified than her competitors I don’t really understand — I’m a Silicon Valley native but that doesn’t qualify me to run Apple. Keep in mind new interim Mayor Mark Farrell is also a San Francisco native. For Breed’s supporters to play the race card because Farrell is white is ridiculous. Not one of the board members who voted for him over Breed is racist. Farrell was the safest choice because he didn’t file to run in the June mayoral election, thus making him what the progressives had wanted in Ed Lee — a caretaker mayor. It also levels the playing field so Breed doesn’t have an unfair advantage going into June as the incumbent.


According to the San Francisco Examiner, Conway gauchely started stumping for Breed at Lee’s private funeral service standing just feet from his casket. Things got even more vulgar (if that’s possible) when rumors circulated about Conway padding the floors of City Hall pressuring supervisors to back Breed. Those rumors got a dash of reality when, at the end of the meeting to select the interim mayor, District 9 Supervisor Hillary Ronen gave a lengthy, impassioned speech. “There are white, rich men, billionaires, in this city who have steered the policies of the past two mayoral administrations, if not more,” Ronen said through her tears. And then she dropped the bomb: “I hate to say it, I wish it weren’t so, but those white men are so enthusiastically supporting your candidacy, London Breed. And what you haven’t heard because you’re not in this inside world we all inhabit in City Hall is that they’ve been threatening people. They’re all saying if you don’t support London Breed that people’s careers will be ruined. … It is happening right now in this Board of Supervisors chamber. It happened the morning Ed Lee passed away. That’s how gross these people are. Because they are gross.”

The push to unseat Breed started almost as soon as she stepped into Lee’s shoes and intensified when she officially declared her candidacy for the June 2018 election. Some of Breed’s colleagues raised concerns about her filling multiple roles, which they saw as undermining the separation of powers in city government. In early January, District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin began asking for a special meeting of the board to discuss a possible vote.

“I am one member of this body who has said that while the charter allows the president of the board to also serve as the mayor, I don’t think we should have a mixing of the two branches of government for a prolonged period of time,” Peskin said. While all of his reasoning makes perfect sense, Peskin also took issue with Conway. “The more Ron Conway openly became the kingmaker for London, the more people like me who have come to respect her and work with her very well became more and more reticent,” he told Mission Local while waiting for Farrell to be sworn in.

He won’t admit it or take the credit, but it’s not a secret Peskin engineered the entire deal with Oz-like precision from behind the curtains of City Hall. All I have to say is move over Mr. Conway, there’s a new kingmaker in town, and his name is Aaron Peskin.


Three San Francisco supervisors are calling for an independent investigation into an alleged public corruption scandal involving Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru.

Supervisors Matt Haney, Gordon Mar and Dean Preston said during a Thursday morning press conference that they are working on a Request for Proposal to hire an independent investigator. They will task the investigator to look into the extent of corruption at the Department of Public Works and the San Francisco Airport Commission.

On Monday, Nuru and Nick Bovis, owner of the well-known Lefty O’Douls restaurant, were accused of a number of bribery and fraud schemes by U.S. Attorney of Northern California David Anderson. Each men face one count of wire fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Additionally, Nuru faces an additional count for lying to the FBI for speaking about the investigation to other parties. Nuru could face a maximum of 25 years in prison if found guilty of all charges.

One alleged scheme was an attempt to bribe an airport commissioner, who has now been identified as Linda Crayton, to approve a restaurant lease for Bovis at the airport. Citing serious health issues, Crayton on Wednesday provided Mayor London Breed with a resignation letter.

Haney said Thursday about the corruption charges:

“His [Nuru’s] approach was fostered and protected by city leaders who turned a blind eye. It is imperative that City Hall sends a message that we have zero tolerance for blatant corruption.”

Haney said that anyone connected to illegal activity in this situation should resign.

Jerold Chinn/SFBay Supervisor Matt Haney, at a press conference in San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday, January 30, 2020, called for an independent investigator to look into the Department of Public Works.

The supervisor added: 

“The culture of pay-to-play politics at City Hall must end. San Franciscans deserve transparent, accountable, effective government. We have a long way to go to achieve this goal.”

Breed spoke Wednesday about further investigation into contracts involving Nuru.

She said:

“The plan is of course to continue to work with the City Attorney’s Office and Controller’s Office to really look into a number of contracts within the department to determine whether or not there were issues with those contracts.”


The mayor said she was surprised and very disappointed by the allegations against director.

Emphasizing the need for independent investigation, Supervisor Dean Preston said: 

“We absolutely cannot rely on the executive branch of government in the City and County of San Francisco to investigate itself. That does not work as shown by the long standing corruption that is being revealed as the days unfold.”

A development project in District 5 at 555 Fulton St. has also drawn attention in the 75-page complaint against Nuru.

The complaint alleges Nuru was given free lodging, travel and wine worth $2,070 by an unnamed Chinese billionaire developer in an attempt to expedite the permitting process for the mixed-use property.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Zhang Li, CEO and co-chairman of R&F Properties, is the developer of concern in the complaint. The identification is credited to unnamed source with direct knowledge of the situation. SFBay has not yet confirmed this information.

Aaron Levy-Wolins/SFBay San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru has been charged with public corruption and lying to the FBI in a 75-page criminal complaint.

Preston, who represents District 5, said it is important to learn more about the specific project development.

Supervisor Gordon Mar said while allegations against Nuru are appalling, they are not shocking.

Mar, who represents the Sunset District, reminded the public of former local politicians who represented District 4 and served prison time for corruption-related charges. Mar specifically named former state Sen. Leland Yee and former Supervisor Ed Jew.

“Corruption is not only a violation of the public trust and is not only criminal, but it also breeds incompetence. It hurts moral and makes government less effective.”

Mar said the discussion of corruption must go beyond recent criminal complaints and focus more broadly on holding those with power accountable to the people they serve.

According to Haney, the RFP scope of the work is still being developed with Mar and city staff. The supervisor believes the proposal could be ready within a matter of weeks.

San Francisco Oligarchs, Elitists And Gatekeepers That Should Be Under FBI And Public Surveillance:

Janet Reilly

Clint Reilly

Ed Lee

John Molinari

Roger Boas

Dick Blum

Vinod Khosla

Anybody named Haas

Charlotte Maillard

Ed Shultz

Henry Kissinger

Will Hearst

Nancy Pelosi

Dianne Feinstein

Kathryn Feinstein

Scott Weiner

Darcy Brown

Stewart Brand

Joseph Costello

Carl Livingston

Henry Adams

Wally McCormick

Bob McKeen

Jean Bricker

Richard Thieriot

Wilkes Bashford

James Bronkema

Roger Boas

William Ball

Gordon Bellis

Frances Bowers

Donna Casey

Gretchen Cebrian

Tina Cella

Lawrence Chickering

Sheldon Cooper

Charles Crocker

Edwin Cutler

Myron Du Bain

Coburn Everdell

Donna Ewald

John Gamble

William Gaylord

Richard Graff

Reid Hoffman

Ann Getty

Anthony Hale

Matilda Kunin

Wendy Linka

Mary Moulton

William Newsom

John Owsley

Bokkara Patterson

Juan Reynal

Steven Swig

Charles Thieriot

Wilfred Von Bulow

Michael Whitman

Brayton Wilbur

Rita Barela

John  Brunelle

John Calori

William Coblentz

Joseph V. Costello

John Diefenbach

Myron Dubain

Frank Woods

Mort Feld

T. Jack Foster Jr

Gordon P Getty

James Gilleran

John Goy

Evie Haas

Bryan Hemming

John Jacobs

Fritz Jewett

Ray Jones

George Keller

Art Kern

Bob Lansdon

Arthur Latno

Robert Leefeldt

Bob Lurie

Malcom MacDonald

Dan McCall

Wallace McCormack

Rich Miller

Elizabeth Pfau

Forette Pomeroy

David Ringler

Hadley Roff

Norman Rosenblatt

Albert Schlesinger

Steven L. Swig