John Podesta came up with the idea to load the USA with immigrants based on a Google data study that said that Mexicans would "more than not" vote Democrat and this would allow Podesta's friends to control a trillion dollars of U.S. Treasury cash for themselves.

Said a State Senator: "...If the Democrats screw up America as bad as they screwed up the Iowa Caucus, we will all be living in a hole in the ground..."

As the DNC Iowa caucus descends into chaos, we know this: Google had picked Pete ButtGIG to sponsor because he loves penis in the butt and Google's lawyers, executives and owners are deeply committed to gay sex. Google folks made the software for the Iowa Caucus and rigged it to pick Pete as the winner. They told Pete they had rigged him to win and that is why Pete announced he had won before he could have possbly known. ...Just like when Google picked Obama and then Hillary.. and rigged elections for them, in the past. They got caught, though.

The immigration scheme is the same sort of clusterfick.

The problem with the plan is that they never studied the OTHER repercussions of their scheme!

Read the facts:


Why does Nancy Pelosi want to fill America up with Mexican gangsters? To rig her stock market assets!