Every single year Stanford University is caught doing some incredible perversion, rape-culture horror, bribe or other despicable thing!

Every single year Stanford issues some bullshit press release saying "we will do better", blah, bla, blah...

The fact is: STANFORD UNIVERSITY WILL NEVER DO BETTER. Corruption, perversion and dirty politics are BUILT-IN to Stanford University.


"Elite arrogant asshole dynasties send their kids to Stanford University.

Stanford puts the kids in asshole frat houses to train them to get away with rape and run monopolies.

When they graduate they either go up the hill to Sandhill Road and start a venture capital clone operation or they get their frat friends on Sandhill Road to racketeer-fund their start-up or political campaign using money scammed from your parents pension funds.

They only work with their frat buddies and insiders in a tribal old boys club manner.

They steal all the technology and markets they want because they control all of the tech lawyers and politicians via bribes and revolving doors.

Stanford bosses keep all of this covered-up and covertly fund political camapigns to grease the wheels of political corruption.

They then sexually extort some Standford interns in Rosewood Hotel rooms, get the most 'trophy wife' ones pregnant, and start the cycle all over again...."

More details are emerging about the sex scandal that ...