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  Rules: You may only add items that are clearly visible as facts in public university research libraries and on, at least, 5 or more public online or hard-copy newspapers. Include links, book references by ISBN # and video dates in your submissions for related archives. Items without validation evidence will be removed. No more than three sentences per item. Let's aim for daily additions. Item numbers are produced with a BATES NUMBERING" reference code to support federal and media investigators case files. Item numbers are generated upon acceptance by the jury team. All submissions are copied to law enforcement and related investigators. Submit your item proposals via the usual SOMO process. ("Ref:" links) may, or may not, include the validation facts that you send. ("Ref" links) may include already posted material, to save time. Volunteers will detail the reference links out as time allows.

89008900.09 - Earlier Timeline Elements Sub-level Page 1 (SEE THIS LINK) more references coming...

002378.01 - Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his handlers, establish relationships with Russian leaders and businessmen during production of his action film in Russia. Connections: 100457.08; Ref: [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [I] [J] [K] [L] more references coming...

007799088.09 - Arnold Schwarzenegger's handlers begin telling him that his name recognition could allow him to become governor of California. Ref: [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] more references coming...

100678.04 - 9/11 Tragedy Takes Place. Ref:

368780.09 - Largest "Black Budget" increase in history is authorized. Per Snowden, Assange, Greenwald: "Targets every device on Earth that uses electricity." Later found to have recorded Dept. of Energy staff crimes and insider deals. FOIA's launched. Ref: [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z] [A1] [A2] [A3] [A4] [A5] [A6] [A7] [A8]  more references coming...

899901.87 - USGS, CIA , BP, etc., survey's report analysis that Afghanistan holds "Over $1 Trillion key minerals for a certain type of electric car and solar panel manufacturing. Ref: [A9] [A10] [A11] [A12] [A13] [A14] [A15] [A16] [A17] [A18] [A19] [A20] [A21] [A22] [A23] [A24] [A25] [A26] [A27] [A28] [A29] [A30] [A31]  more references coming...

780557.89 - Goldman Sachs launches extensive Afghan mining, policy connections, intel acquisition programs and begins marketing lithium and indium related afghan mining deals to tier 1 investor groups. Happens to be same materials that DOE funding "winners" need and certain Senators have family insider trading investments in. Ref: [A41] [A42] [A43] [A44] [A45] [A46] [A47] [A48] [A49] [A50] [A51] [A52] [A53] [A54] [A55] [A56] [A57] [A58] [A59] [A60] [A61] [A62] [A63] [A64] [A65] [A66] [A67] [A68] [A69] [A70] [A71] [A72] [A73] [A74] [A75] [A76] [A77] [A78] [A79] [A80] [A81] [A82] [A83] [A84] [A85] [A86] [A87] [A88] [A89] [A90] [A91] [A92] [A94] [A95] [A96]    more references coming...

654800.45 - Nuclear industry lobby creates and applies for funds in Dept. of Energy Loan Guarantee Cash Program (LGP). Ref: [A102] [A103] [A104] [A105] [A106] [A107] [A108] [A109] [A110] [A111] [A112] [A113] [A114] [A115] [A116] [A117] [A118] [A119] [A120] [A121] [A122] [A123] [A124] [A125] [A126]   more references coming...

7758895.02 - Detroit auto industry lobby creates and assumes award of Dept. of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Cash Program (ATVM), which, per draft, only Detroit "Big 3" are qualified to win.   more references coming...

67990089.23 - Senator Bingamans office spots exclusive kick-back structure in ATVM (7758895.02) and adds back-door to bill to allow ANY American car company to apply for funds, not just Detroit Big 3.   more references coming...

457986.56 - ATVM bill is approved by Congress, creating first-ever opening for non-Detroit controlled Domestic car companies to get funded.   more references coming...

100457.08 - Arnold Schwarzenegger takes newer Silicon Valley Vc's to Russia to meet his business contacts

4579009.89 - Tesla is gifted ATVM funds without meeting qualifications. All Tesla related investors & Sachs provide campaign funds.

3446899.08 - Detroit realizes there is a back-door in the bill and tries to get entire bill pulled.

888004466.01 - In late night Congressional session, Detroit fails to get bill pulled as lobbyists give up via threats to expose the kick-back structure of the original draft.

66895570.99 - Chicago's Barack Obama wins presidential election.

68055690.89 - Campaign "handlers" David Axelrod, Rahm Emanual, Steve Rattner, Robert Gibbs receive key White House positions.

457899000.88 - Chicago's Argonne National Labs is named point for ATVM loan review and also receives point designation as lithium battery development center. White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanual facilitates.

556008790.78 - Federal & media investigators open early-stage case files.

22267889.00 - IBM Consulting opens "special review office" for DOE, in Virginia, where DOE funding applications are  "custom processed".

88667789.02 - Solyndra's, Abound's, Ener1's, Fiskers's, Nissan's and Tesla's investors acquire largest investment options in Afghan mining product chain, facilitated by Goldman Sachs, in American history.

67789000.00 - Diane Feinstein arranges real estate deal for Solyndra and Tesla. Her husband's firm: CBRE Real Estate, comes under investigation.

4570077888.88 - 89668890.00 - David Axelrod, Rahm Emanual, Steve Rattner, Robert Gibbs are advised that investigations have begun.

89668890.00 - David Axelrod, Rahm Emanual, Steve Rattner, Robert Gibbs resign from White House.

668955778.98 - Dianne Feinsteins staff leave her office to go work for Tesla and Solyndra.

66805678.00 - Steve Rattner indicted for Securities & Investment Fraud in NY

77995578.00 - Russian lithium and mineral mining companies partner with Silicon Valley VC's who "won" DOE cash.

7780087449.00 - Federal investigators report that Russian executives at DOE funding groups Severstal, Ener1 and othersare on "watch-list".

5578000677.00 - IBM Consulting fired from DOE review program. Investigations on their actions begin.

66890088.00 - Dept. of Energy funding ordered to be frozen. No American small business ever receives any funding from program. All recipients turn out to be campaign financiers.

6780098560.00 - Key Dept. of Energy "winning" VC's indicted for tax fraud.

567890000.89 - Solyndra, Abound, Ener1, Fisker, and others go bankrupt. Largest ratio of taxpayer funded, big-ticket, same industry bankruptcies in American history. All used Afghan minerals.

6699556789.05 - Investigations begin into Silicon Valley VC's use of tax-write offs from DOE bankruptcy in order to acquire overall profits from losses. Silicon Valley VC's make tax write-off profits on taxpayers multi-$Billon loss.

446899667.99 - Goldman Sachs found to have interceded on almost every single Dept. of Energy LG and ATVM funding "winner" lobbying.

34579976699.00 - Bright Automotive, and other Dept. of Energy applicants, begin publishing open letters, in the press, denouncing the crooked nature of Dept. of Energy funding.

5567907689.00 - Rahm Emanuals D.O.E. "do not fund" list, from his White House tenure is noted by multiple ex-WH staff.

5679997656.00 - Senate investigators, agency investors and investigative media charge DOE, under Steven Chu, with running a "fraud", "embezzlement", "kick-back scheme".

6689955778.00 - Snowden revelations

8995688900.78 - Cross indexing of Snowden documents by reporters finds confirming set of names in same programs.

5579095657.99 - Massive number of main stream journalists depart large newspapers and cable news to start their own independent digital newspapers. Golden Age of New Media begins. Cover-ups fall apart in rapid succession.

334679990.00 - Detroit Auto heads begin resigning or getting fired as they realize investigations are getting close.

22568900.05 - U.S./Russia relations collapse. Silicon Valley/Russian deals eyed. Russian tipsters approach new media press with revelations as payback for their fallout from back-outs by Silicon Valley VC's and their companies: Space X, Tesla, lithium, solar, etc.

457890995.78 - Robert Gibbs protege, Jay Carney, resigns from White House.

65579966.67 - "Lines-of-connection" investigations reveal that TARP/DOE funding "winners; campaign financiers and profiteers are ALL THE SAME PEOPLE.

6689900088.00 - Tesla faces extensive lawsuits & charges. Begins buying real estate as investor back-up assets for possible off-books tax write-off spin if they are forced to declare bankruptcy. Those in WH, formerly protecting Tesla have left, or are leaving.

7780086567-00 - VA Scandal/D-Day Event refocuses attention back on Afghanistan and Middle East toxic poisoning of Vets from exposure.

6689000844.78 - Afghan prisoner scandal refocuses attention back on Afghanistan.


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